Why do football clubs allow players to get away with it?

It is becoming a common paradigm in the transfer window seeing a player turn against their club at the drop of hat when they can’t get their own way. There are a myriad of reasons as to why they decide to revolt against the people who pay their wages every month although none are justifiable. Attempting to engineer a move to a bigger club and clamouring for more money on the back of one good season are the most common causes. It’s disgusting behaviour that is becoming all too common in the beautiful game.

Already in the 2011 summer window there have been three high-profile players who have decided to disrespect their clubs with juvenile outbursts and the threat of striking. Emmanuel Adebayor decided to boycott Manchester City training along with slamming manager Roberto Mancini. Charles N’Zogbia threatened to strike at Wigan has he endeavoured to force through a move away from the DW Stadium. Last but not least Jose Enrique took to twitter to voice his displeasure with Newcastle’s boardroom and quicken his expected exit from St James’ Park.

There is a thought that players seem to have forgotten that they are merely employees who have the honour of playing football for a living – a job many people would give their life to have. Any normal employee would be reprimanded, sacked on the spot or severely disciplined and a black mark slapped on their record. But clubs don’t seem to punish these players hard enough and allow a disruptive influence to remain in the dressing room until they get the big fee required to see them released from their contract. But why are these players allowed to revolt against the club without being given a proper dressing down?

Truth is that footballers are thought of as precious commodities especially those that make it all happen on the pitch. Nowadays it seems that if a player is the focus of adulation their ego multiplies to dangerous levels and is massaged by the club to keep them happy. Power has transferred from the big bosses to the players who now control the shots. They can make calls for transfers, criticize the club, throw a hissy fit and disrespect each and every fan that turns up on a Saturday. But with money now taking the precedent it’s all about keeping the best players content and wanting to play for the football club. If there is the slightest chance of the player staying then the club will continue to laud all over them.

In the Premier League, teams outside the top six find it harder than most to keep their star players happy and do their best to accommodate them above others. One quality player can be the difference between positions come the end of the season and more importantly prize money. But is it worth keeping one player happy at the expense of others? The right answer would be no but even if these players call the club and the management every name under the sun in a blind eye is turned. I will say that if a player is ambitious and wants to move on to a bigger club playing in Europe and challenging for honours you can’t criticize them for being honest enough to say that. No one should stand in the way of a player trying to forge a successful career.

But it’s safe to say that some players are going about forcing through transfers the wrong way by threatening to strike or speaking out against a club. The attitude displayed by them stinks and it’s a massive slap in the face to the fans that contribute to their huge pay packets every week. Players seem to think they are the bread and butter of the club and that everything revolves around them. They are wrong. The fans, the club and the history will be here for a long time after they’ve walked off to play for the reserve team of a club who paid over the odds for them.

To reiterate, they are merely well paid employees who should be treated like every other working man or woman would be if they completely disregarded their employer. Its time clubs stopped tip toeing around these over paid, over priced prima donnas. A hard-line approach needs to be taken over any renegade player who decides to step outside the boundaries. Holding out for a large transfer fee won’t solve the problem with the player causing more internal damage than could be realised. Squad harmony can be disrupted by one insignificant player who think’s they are a cut above. The only solution is to ship them out ASAP and forget they ever wore your colours. They aren’t worth the time, effort or disruption.