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Why are West Ham being painted as the pantomime villain?

dikgacoi_offFootball FanCast columnist Johnny Moon wonders why the finger is being pointed at West Ham, when it is rival team’s players that are causing the offence.

I know nothing should surprise you in football and every little detail is blown up out of all proportion, but there seems to be a question mark painted over the morality of our players and how they react, or as the accusers suggest ‘overreact’ to certain incidents.

Perhaps I’m reading from the wrong rule book here and maybe I am mistaken at the ruling that raising your arms, hands or head at a player is a sending off offence, because you wouldn’t have thought so. Roy Hodgson first bitched and moaned about Scott Parker’s reaction the other week and Lorik Cana can moan that Ilunga reacted theatrically, or ‘made a lot of cinema out of it’ but Jones was the one who raised his hands here. Ilunga and Parker were the victims of these pieces and yet they are ones being painted as the pantomime villains.

The problem I have with this is mud tends to stick and the amount that these players throw, some of it will start to cling on to the mindset of the referees and no doubt some elements of the media will jump on the bandwagon and exaggerate the incidents, point the finger at them and subsequently make an example out of them, in much the same way they did with Eduardo over his dive.

I doubt many column inches will be attributed to those players who break the fundamental laws of the game, but that is the way it is done in this country. The Press is renowned for the way it turns a blind eye to one thing one week and then frowns upon it the next and whoever it falls on that chosen time is widely condemned. Arsene Wenger came out yesterday and suggested that Arsenal no longer get penalties from referees due to the fall-out from the Eduardo affair, therefore you can imagine how referees will react towards West Ham, if the media choose to follow the lead  that Hodgson, Cana and Bruce are taking against us.

Article title: Why are West Ham being painted as the pantomime villain?

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