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Why Arsenal fans shouldn’t fall for his latest revelation

Manchester City midfielder Samir Nasri

There shouldn’t really be much of a way back for Samir Nasri. The wheels look to be coming off on his career in England, but like the child he’s sometimes portrayed to be, it’s obviously not his fault.

It’s been about finding excuses when he previously didn’t need them. Nasri wasn’t too concerned with what was on the horizon or what he was leaving behind when Manchester City offered him a substantial pay rise. The player may feel Arsene Wenger has played an important part in his career, but none of that was too important back in 2011. Right now, it just looks like a player trying to rebuild the bridges he so casually burnt in the past.

It’s quite clever from the player; you’ve got to give him that. He knows the supporters want Stan Kroenke out of Arsenal and he’s taken a stance that could see him win over some of those who were all too keen to spit vitriol in his direction. Apparently the Arsenal owner forced Wenger’s hand in the transfer of Nasri and neither the player nor the manager were left with much say in the matter. It’s far too easy. It’s something that doesn’t really ring true with what we do know about the workings of Arsenal, and if Nasri did believe what he was saying, why didn’t he come out with this revelation during that summer?

He’s won his league title, although I’m sure he’s more concerned with what he earns. Because let’s be honest, Nasri was not in the same position as Robin van Persie with only a few short years at the very top of the game. It wasn’t his last chance and he was far from the finished product, having significantly dipped in form at the turn of 2011. Titles, increased pay packets and whatever else the player holds dear in the game could have come later in his career. Only now, however, does he see how important Wenger was and how much more he could have gained had he remained at Arsenal. It’s nothing new; we’ve heard this song from players like Alex Hleb and others who jumped ship before the time was right.

What you have now is a player who was built up to be one of the leading lights of this generation of French football. Nasri had the talent, good environments but an attitude that needed to be tamed in a way. Now, with Roberto Mancini evidently far from pleased by his overall lack of contribution this season, Nasri is left without a mentor and seemingly without direction. He may be sold this summer and offered a new home at PSG, but what good will it do? It’s just Manchester City MKII and another spell of uncertainty. Managers could be coming and going at the French club over the next few years, and considering Nasri’s links with Marseille, how likely is he to be a hit in Paris?

Nasri’s sale from Arsenal is obviously a story with much more to it than what we’ve seen. Arsene Wenger himself commented that one day he’d like to write a book on the events of that summer. But the intricacies of that transfer window have now been manipulated into a device by a player who is seeking a bit of sympathy and perhaps someone to fight in his corner. I don’t believe anyone at the club wanted Nasri to leave, and you’ve got to hold some degree of understanding with Arsenal for selling him when it seemed like the better of two options. But Nasri could very well have buried this issue once and for all and signed a contract extension. He didn’t. He saw value somewhere else and it paid off for him immediately.

To reiterate, Arsenal fans have seen all this before. Nasri has made his decision and I certainly don’t expect anyone at the Emirates to be too forgiving.

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Article title: Why Arsenal fans shouldn’t fall for his latest revelation

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