Why Arsene Wenger should not be tempted to cash in

Cesc FabregasArsenal’s fine start to the season has been accomplished without their talismanic captain for large parts of it. Cesc Fabregas has spent two separate stints out injured already, first with a hamstring injury attained during a 1-1 draw with Sunderland on the 18th of September which kept him out for a month. And more recently a knee injury incurred during the away defeat to Braga kept him out of action for a couple of weeks.

Yet the find themselves second in the league just two points off pace setters Manchester United, with Samir Nasri in particular catching the eye. Accompanied by the emergence of Jack Wilshere perhaps the Arsenal midfield is able to survive without the Spaniard. Added to this is the prospect of Aaron Ramsey who was looking extremely promising before his injury. So maybe it wouldn’t be a complete disaster if Fabregas was allowed to leave to the ready and waiting Barcelona, who are keen for their former player to return home. The extra cash, and surely it would be a hefty amount in excess of £30million, could be put to use strengthening other areas of the squad that are in need of addressing. Such as the goalkeeper or defence or even a midfielder that has a bit more steel as opposed to creative flair.

However I disagree, I think it would be a huge mistake for Arsenal to let Fabregas go. Mainly as it is not the business of big clubs to let their captains’ be prised away from just as they are approaching the prime of their careers. Surely Arsenal fans do not wish to see such a talented player leave the emirates? For all the other options they have in that playmaker role none of them live to Fabregas. Nasri has indeed has a great season, but his game is different to Cesc, although I agree you get the best out him playing down the middle than on the wing, but he tends to play higher up the pitch and is better in the final third than staring the play from deep where I believe Fabregas’s true talent to lie. Added to this, although being a good player since he signed for Arsenal, he has only really bee in outstanding form this season and you cannot base your team’s success in such a relatively brief burst of form. Fabregas has been at the top of his game and Arsenal’s outstanding performer over the last three or four seasons, that is not a role that is easily filled, nor should it be tried to filled unnecessarily, which is what his sale would be.

To look at the young pretenders such as Wilshere to step up to the plate is even more foolish and places a lot of pressure on his young shoulders. A player who is not yet 19 has too much to learn about the game to be the main focus and source of creativity of a team, especially one with genuine silverware aspirations as Arsenal have. An immerging youngster no matter how talented should not be thrust into that position, as he could easily crumble under the pressure, and does not know the game as well as his Catalan team-mate who is playing a major role in mentoring the young Wilshere both on and off the pitch.

I feel it is far too early for Arsenal to be relying on such young talent to be carrying the team. As a squad Nasri, Wilshere, Ramsey and Fabregas represent a terrific array of midfield options. Perhaps in three or so years if Ramsey and Wilshere keep up this level of progression then they could lead this Arsenal team. But at the moment for Arsenal’s present and immediate future it is imperative that they hold on to Fabregas, as you need a player in his prime at the top of his game not just extremely talented youngsters to hold teams together and win titles.

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