Why do footballers put themselves in such compromising positions?

Ivan KlasnicIvan Klasnic is the latest Premier League footballer to find himself in a spot of hot water with the law. The Bolton striker was arrested on the 28th October, after allegedly raping a 17-year old female in the small hours of Monday 25th October. Klasnic is not the first Premier League footballer to be accused of such a crime and he certainly won’t be the last.

It’s only a matter of weeks ago that we were led to believe that Sunderland’s calamitous centre half Titus Bramble had been arrested over similar accusations. So why do Premier League footballers find themselves in such compromising positions? Are there really that many nasty men in football? Do they put themselves in compromising positions? Or is there a large volume of opportunist women just waiting for the latest Premier League superstar to slip up?

By know means do I believe it not possible for the allegations to be true, but I would tend to lean more towards the idea that these footballers are placing themselves in compromising positions. This coupled with young naïve women proves to result in serious claims that in the end seem to have little legitimacy.

There is no doubt that this debate should be handled with care and tact and as an outsider looking in, it is easy to have an opinion on the matter. Yet, having seen the conclusions of so many rape claims before I struggle to think that allegations made against Klasnic will be any different.

Like so many Premier League footballers before him Titus Bramble was recently cleared and was no longer under any further investigation in regard to the rape claims. Unless substantial new evidence appears in the Klasnic case I feel the conclusion of this case will follow suit.

In light of the most recent two cases let it be a message to Premier League footballers that they have a responsibility to keep themselves out of needless media spotlight. They must remember that they are celebrities and there is a large amount of people that find that very attractive. There are so called ‘gold diggers’ out there who are willing to do anything in order to land a small fortune.

Given the amount of unfounded rape claims, does the national media need to be more careful in the naming of players that are accused of such serious crimes. What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Would we actually hear about any cases of footballers putting themselves in compromising positions if stories were only reported on once players were charged?

Finally, does some responsibility lie with the clubs? If players were educated at a young age about the pitfalls of large sums of money and celebrity status would players relentlessly put themselves in such controversial positions?

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