Why England’s key player’s need to wake up NOW

Get a good look lads.

As we enter the final straight of a season that has been full of drama and excitement. The tears of elation and sadness are due to be shed all over the country. Chelsea and Manchester United’s title challenge will most likely go to the last game and the relegation dog fights too. But when it’s all done and dusted, the drama is not over as the World Cup is upon us. Yet as the ever optimist, England have serious problems that can be addressed. Just certain individuals need to sort their heads out.

Form issues amongst some of England’s elite are the most serious worry this country faces in the World Cup over the summer. The top clubs such as Chelsea and Manchester United have numerous England players who for my money are just not performing. Take Joe Cole for example, yes a long term injury has hampered his progress and game time has been hard to come by. Yet I can completely understand why manager Fabio Capello is considering not even taking him to South Africa after some dismal form. Joe Cole was one of the mainstays of an England side four years ago and with his undoubted talent should still be now. Where has it gone Joe? Where ever it is find it. Fast.

This also goes for his Chelsea team mate John Terry. Where are my England heroics? I want to see that player who scored the winner against Germany in Berlin only 18 months ago. Instead we have rash challenges and him losing his rag. John Terry’s off the field problems have been well documented and I do not wish to go into such details, yet they are of his own doing and there called ‘off the field’ problems because they are not on the field. So if these are reasons for his dip in form then he needs to sort his head out because he can’t be playing how he is now in a World Cup quarter final. Terry’s defensive partner Rio Ferdinand at Manchester United is the same.

Big Rio has had his injury problems, as has everyone yet his lack of sharpness worries me significantly. Is he even going to be fit for the World Cup? Without him and Terry playing like a blind man England are going to be embarrassed. Don’t even get me started on ‘Mr Liverpool’ himself Steven Gerrard. Has he moved abroad without me knowing about it? Was he one of the Real Madrid signings for millions and millions of Euros? Because I haven’t seen him play a game of football all season. I can’t remember a top player such as Steven Gerrard having such a bad season. Either he has put his body too much on the line for Liverpool and its coming back to haunt him or he has become disinterested in Rafa Benitez’s reign. Either way he needs to have a long hard think about his form. Its bad enough England only ever sees a 1/3 of his ability every time he wears the Three Lion’s emblem. Put that with his poor form its pointless him even going.

So we have Wayne Rooney as the only England first team member who is currently ‘on form’. I can totally see why the rafters are calling for the inclusion of James Milner into the set up as he has actually had a decent season. So as pessimistic as I have been, I shall leave you on a positive note. With our players on form, fit and in the right mindset we can win the World Cup, oh and if we don’t play Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Germany, Holland, Portugal and whoever else have a couple of decent players.

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