Why Football needs Arsene Wenger to succeed

Arsene WengerIt’s been 5 years since Arsenal last won a major trophy, and some might say that Arsene Wenger’s philosophy towards football is not working. Wenger is known for his excellent ability to develop young players and turn them into global superstars. However, this method is not winning trophies.

With Wenger’s admirable approach to football it is fair to say that he needs to bring a trophy back to the emirates very soon to prove that there can be success in his method. Wenger won seven major honors in his first nine years with the club, but his persistence in trying to build a team almost entirely with players from the Gunners’ youth sides has coincided with a run of four years without a trophy.

Such a stat would lead the cynics out there to argue that there is little point in trying to develop the youth if in the end it proves fruitless and unsuccessful. It would also seem that Arsene Wenger is beginning to feel the pressure and eager as ever to win something.

“Arsenal’s last success was the 2005 FA Cup Final which they won on penalties against Manchester United. Asked whether the lack of recent success was leading to pressure, Wenger replied: Yes. There is a lot of demands from people who know you are at the top and they try always to find your weakness. You can see what we have done is quite remarkable but we want more. I can understand that people want more and we want to give them more.

Wenger is right when he says that what they have done at Arsenal is remarkable but football as a whole needs Arsene to succeed to show that time spent developing the next generation of footballing superstars is worth it.

If Arsenal do win a trophy in the very near future it would come as a great relief to those clubs who do not have the resources to spend big. It would furthermore highlight the idea that you do not always need to bring in already established and capable players in order to win.

Finally, Arsene Wenger has admitted that his “patience is running dry with the youth policy that has been his bedrock” over the past few years and now the club find themselves in a more stable financial position he is ready to change his direction if trophies do not come soon. So what do you think? Does football as a whole need Arsene to succeed in order to show that developing the youth is worthwhile? Can clubs truly dominate if money is not spent this day and age?

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