Why I beg to differ Mr Samuel

One of the columns I most look forward to reading in any publication, apart from Mourinho’s match day notes of course, is that of the ‘Sports Journalist of the year’ Daily Mail writer Martin Samuel. Never short of an opinion and quite witty with that, he always manages to bring a smile to my face and generally I do find myself agreeing with what he has to say. On this occasion however, I feel so compelled to disagree that I am spending my Saturday evening writing this article – living the high life I know- but otherwise I would just end up ranting to my kitten about why I disagree, and I think I may just get a better response from you reading this – then again…

Martin Samuels disagrees with the decision to remove John Terry as England captain, and is basically making the point that we no longer adhere to the innocent until guilty mantra, and at that have basically convicted Terry already.

I do agree with Martin – the decision to remove Terry as skipper should never have had to be made by the FA – but whereas Samuel feels that Terry should remain leader I feel that he should never have regained the armband after being stripped of it in the first place. To lose the armband once in your career is unlucky – more so for Wayne Bridge – but to do it twice is downright careless, and if Terry is not careful he will give Sergio Ramos a run for his money in terms of destroying precious accolades.

Whilst Terry did not drop the armband under a bus, he metaphorically may as well have, with his off the field conduct throughout his career being hardly befitting of a national team leader – then again this is England, so quite a lot goes. Even so, Terry has pushed the FA one step too far (again) and this time they have decided to go above Capello’s head and remove JT.

Whilst I fully appreciate the point Samuels makes about a lynch mob, especially on social networking site Twitter, the fact of the matter is, innocent or guilty, Terry is a divisive presence in the dressing room and has been for some time now.

How many other Captains can you recall having as many handshake debacles as Giggs has extra marital activity? No one. The major mistake Capello made was in giving the central defender the armband back in the first place – not to mention the way he did it. No one in their right mind could blame Rio for declining to enter the farcical running for the position again – in fact most people will have respected him for it.

Terry has the ability to be a leader – no one would deny this, and at times the player has a heart of a lion – yet you cannot lead if players will not follow, and more and more are speaking out against Terry in the wake of the court case adjournment until after the Euros in the summer. Would it be right for him to lead the team – no it would not, and thankfully the FA have recognised this.

Cue the endless coverage and debate over who should be the next skipper – something that will have the media and public talking until one is appointed, and even then it probably will not be the right decision – oh how Capello must be regretting taking on our national side now.

Like it or not, Terry is innocent until guilty – I totally agree with Samuels here, who could not have made the point that Terry was an ‘alledged’ racist any clearer if he had highlighted and used font 500 for the multiple times he uses the word in a short piece, but whatever the verdict in the trial, Terry simply cannot lead the national team now, and should not have ever been given the opportunity to do so again long before this latest scandal.

The player himself is ‘taking time’ to consider his future after such a hurtful decision by the FA, and one can only hope this time leads him to feel that retirement is the way forward – and not just because of his issues off the field – has anyone seen Chelsea defend this season? Terry claims to be a rock at the back – allegedly.

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