Why Liverpool Football Club is in safe hands

Last week was a lonely one for Liverpool fans. Watching Tottenham play Real Madrid and Manchester United and Chelsea go head-to-head was a difficult thing to do as a Red. Well, watching Tottenham get mauled by Madrid was a particularly easy thing to do and for that I have to say ‘well done, agent Crouchie’ but it was tough knowing that United and Chelsea were fighting it out in a two-legged tie in the Champions League; for Liverpool that’s familiar territory, it almost feels like a yearly endeavour but one which has been sorely missed this year. And for that reason, we have to make sure that next year, we’re at least competing for a Champions League place.

There’s nothing to stop us from finishing 4th this season, other than our unhealthy desire to lose to sides in the bottom 5 but it is certainly still mathematically possible. However, it is highly unlikely and finishing in the top 4 next season is a more likely (and much more realistic) target.

With that in mind, news last weekend that LeBron James has become a minor shareholder in the Reds, combined with the news that Liverpool have planned a far-eastern tour, is something that should uplift Liverpool fans in the meantime. I’m sure a lot of Reds will roll their eyes at the prospect of Liverpool flying half-way around the world for a fortnight during pre-season (again) but it really is a further sign that the club is still trying to push itself as a global brand.

Those words are not very popular amongst a lot of our fans but they’re words that we’ll have to get used to as we are a brand and we need to start being run like a business, and a successful one. This is exactly what the owners are attempting to do. Likewise with NBA star James: raising our profile in the States by association with the biggest basketball star in the world can only be a good thing. They realise that, in the absence of the highly lucrative Champions League revenue, they need to continue to work hard raising our profile and looking for avenues in which LFC’s huge global following can be exploited.

If we miss out on the Champions League – and even Europa League – football this season, I think we can rest assured that we are in the right hands to see to the continuing success of Liverpool Football Club off the field.

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