Why Liverpool hold all the transfer cards here

Blackpool Captain Charlie AdamIt was recently confirmed that Blackpool’s Charlie Adam handed in a transfer request to leave the Seasiders and join England’s most decorated club – Liverpool.

Without a doubt, legendary manager Ian Holloway had the first words to say on the matter, claiming that £4 million was not enough for the player – but you know what? He’s exactly right.

It is possible that Charlie Adam is not worth the outrageous, even funny, Holloway estimation of forty odd million, but he does represent a player that one of England’s top clubs need, and should not be allowed to leave for such a small amount.

Damien Comolli reportedly approached the Blackpool board on numerous occasions, offering sums of money which he thought the club would accept generally because Blackpool are Blackpool and Liverpool are Liverpool – who remain European giants, no matter how bad the season.

There was no element of surprise to Adam’s transfer request, as he is allowed the opportunity to play with the country’s finest players shall such occasion arise. However there is a difference between a player who wants to leave, and a player who can leave. Remember that Adam has still got a lengthy time on his contract yet to fulfil, and Blackpool are not exactly keen on letting their player of the season leave without a hefty wad of those $100 American bills John Henry is so kindly willing to provide.

“He ain’t going for that price, he’s got too long left on his contract and he’s much too important to us. Liverpool needed to start talks at around four times that amount; now it’s time for them to put up or shut up,” said Holloway.

The Reds have been in all kinds of mess over recent months, with previous manger Roy Hodgson sacked because he failed to turn the club around in a mere six months, and recruiting a squad full of players who were inevitably not good enough for a quality of Liverpool’s calibre.

New owners, new managers and a new assistant coach stemming from Mourinho’s era at Chelsea, it is obvious that the red part of Merseyside is undergoing massive transformation, and ‘specialised’ directors of football such as Damien Comolli believe that Liverpool need someone of Charlie Adam’s strength to complete the squad.

Holloway made a solid point about Liverpool not successfully replacing Xabi Alonso upon his departure, yet whether his claims that Adam was their man remains a tad ambiguous. It is true that he is a great passer of the ball, but he could arrive at Anfield and realise that he is way out of his depth, then again he could be exactly what the club need – someone who is in form and can provide Torres with sufficient ammunition to get him back to old ways.

Dirk Kuyt revealed on Sunday that Liverpool needed a new striker, and that it was the only way to get them climbing back up the ladder in the Premier League. Summer signings such as Raul Meireles have begun to perk up, but transfer hopefuls like Joe Cole have simply not stepped up to the mark. Their interest to snatch Luis Suarez from Ajax could be key to realising Europa League football again next season.

Adam could fit in nicely at Liverpool, and Holloway is right not to let him go for so little, but he is not worth double-digits and the fact that a club as big as Liverpool actually want a player who is in his mid-twenties who plays for Blackpool, should be sufficient ammunition for Adam to step it up a gear and really tell Blackpool that he wishes to leave.

If Liverpool do not get Adam in the winter transfer window and Blackpool go on and slip into the relegation zone, it is highly doubtful that Comolli will attempt to sign him again, mainly because Liverpool don’t sign players from Blackpool unless they are the next 17-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo.

Adam is not worth millions upon millions of pounds, but he must bear in mind that this is possibly the chance of his career to move to one of the Premier League’s elite, and should probably begin to push for the transfer a bit more, as Comolli is keen on him joining Liverpool.

The ex-Rangers midfielder has caused a fair amount of upset so far this season, ruining relations between Holloway and Aston Villa manger Gerard Houllier, after another Holloway classic of providing his stern opinion to the media.

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