Why patience is the key for Liverpool

No one can deny, Liverpool are a team that ooze history and class, dominating the 80’s and more recently adding Champions League victories to their name, but over the last couple of years, for a number of reasons the scousers have become less of a force, and after the ill-fated tenure of Roy Hodgson, failed to qualify for any European competition and called out to King Kenny for help.

The legend that is Dalglish answered their call, and since he took over, firstly on a temporary basis and then permanently, their fortunes have slowly been reviving, and they have begun to resemble the team they once were.

This however, is not enough for some Liverpool fans, who feel that not only should they be challenging for a top four place, but should be making a play for the title. Realism has to be called upon at this point, and the acceptance that undoing the damage at the club will not happen overnight, and to finish in the top four this season would be a remarkable achievement.

It is not that Liverpool do not have quality within their ranks – in players such as Suarez they have real class, and seasoned professionals such as Reina and Carragher, but the persistent injuries suffered by their inspirational skipper Stevie Gerrard have effected them more than perhaps they would have realised, and his drive in the centre of the park, not to mention goals have been sorely missed.

This coupled with the departures of a once prolific Torres and the influential Xabi Alonso – not to mention the failure to really replace said players has meant that Liverpool have struggled to find their rhythm in seasons of late.

There will be some – probably United and Everton fans – who will tell you that for a club who have never technically won the Premier League, and were exceptionally lucky to not only reach the Champion’s League final in Istanbul courtesy of a ‘ghost Garcia goal’ but then to comeback from three down was not ability, but it was fate – and have not been genuine title contenders for a very long time.

In reality Liverpool are a top class side, and yes, have fallen away from the best teams in the league of late, but after several key departures, managerial and owner uncertainty not to mention the fact that Chelsea and now City have more money than they could ever spend mean that a little bit of realism is needed from fans.

The majority of said fans are very realistic about the expectations at the club, and know that firstly getting back into Europe is the priority, and then build from there. In Dalglish, Liverpool have a manager that not only loves the club, but understands it and the fans, and is a very good manager. The best – or as some will tell you, only man – for the job is at the helm in Liverpool, and is slowly but surely trying to get them back where all supporters and indeed football fans feel they belong.

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