Why the money men won’t touch Everton

Investment Wanted.

Everton’s resurgence in recent weeks has shown just how much potential the Merseysiders hold and with the right investment could challenge their local rivals.

Everton have hit a ceiling, there is no doubt about it, the manager knows it, Bill Kenwright knows it and the supporters know it. Investment in the club and a move to a brand new stadium is the only solution to take Everton forward.

Goodison Park has long been the site of some fantastic Everton teams, none more so than Howard Kendall’s side in the mid 80’s with two league titles an FA Cup and a Cup Winners Cup trophy between 1984 and 1986. Everton’s nine league titles in its illustrious history and the large fan base it holds should make it an attractive prospect to outside investment. Yet whilst Bill Kenwright has been searching for some money men to help the club for a number of years, why has no one come forward to put much needed cash into the Premier League side?

Everton have a fantastic manager in David Moyes, having been at the club for 8 years he has slowly built a hardworking, strong unit of players with limited funds. He commands the respect of all the players and his presence offers the club much stability. A new investor would not have to bring his own man in as Moyes is one of the best in the Premier League. Surely this is a good thing to a potential buyer?

It seems this scenario all boils down to the proposed stadium build in Kirkby. The planned new Everton stadium has been rumbling on for over a decade with numerous proposals included a ground share with local rivals Liverpool either rejected or the Merseysiders not initially being able to raise the funds necessary. Most recently in November 2009 the government blocked Everton’s proposed 55,000 seater stadium in Kirkby causing a rethink of strategy by the Blues. This may be the biggest stumbling bloke in gaining the investment required for Everton to break that ceiling. A guarantee of a new stadium being passed and built will make Everton a much more attractive prospect in which to invest. A higher gate receipt means higher returns on investment for the money men.

Whilst the core of the squad is rather good, Everton lack two or three top quality players in key positions. They need a true goal scorer of old like Lineker or Sharpe. Whilst Saha is a great player, his fitness doubts are heavy, the same applies to Yakubu. A top class centre back wouldn’t go a miss either. Yet it is only through new investment that such can be achieved.

Everton’s problem’s lie in the bubble that has now burst on football investment. Look at Newcastle who despite large debts was going for a pittance at £80 million at the beginning of the season. Despite being in the Championship 52000 fans go to every home game, a one club city, the potential of such a club is huge, yet no-one apart from local businessman Barry Moat would touch it with a barge pole. What chances have Everton got gaining investment? The Abu Dhabi Man City buy-out was a one-off; the global economy has put that all to rest. Having always had a soft spot for Everton I hope they do find the investment required, a club seeped in so much history should have found someone willing to take them on a long time ago.

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