Why the role of agents in football cannot be understated

They come in all different shapes and sizes, ages and backgrounds.  From all the corners of all the world, the good the bad the ugly, cowboys and Indians, clowns to left jokers to the right and yes I find myself strangely, happily stuck in the middle of that.  Football Agents? What shall we do with us all?   Naturally there will be a few of you thinking “shoot them” it did cross my mind.  The role of the agent in football is growing daily alongside that also grows their necessity and their power.  That may send shivers down the spines of some people, as we are very often portrayed as the devils but fear not, we are good as well as essential for the game; I promise you.

Like all things in life there are times when something is understated and at times overstated.  Agents in the game and the positive contribution that the good ones bring should never be understated, however often tend to be. Bad agents will exist in every industry and for the moment we have to accept that they do and are here to stay.

There is more than one type of agent operating within our game.  Agents with players as clients, agents with clubs as clients, agents with no clients, agents who run around trying to sniff out a deal and agents who play the numbers game signing as many players as possible. I really could be here all day but either way an agent is involved in almost every deal done in football and if they are not involved it’s because they do not want to be.  Can that really be understated?

They say knowledge is power, well I certainly don’t think there is a secret in football an agent is not aware of or indeed a transfer pending that an agent is not informed about.  Fact of the matter is that all and everyone in football is using agents for one reason or another, from players to managers to directors of football to the chairman themselves and remember they are the first guys who love to understate us…when paying us.

Fifteen years experience in the agents industry has given me fantastic opportunities and some crazy life experiences.  It is a unique place that puts you in unique situations and everyone involved should at times stop and savour these moments, as we are all too aware nothing lasts forever.  One thing is for certain, agents in the game will last forever and not just limited to player services and transfers etc. Agents play a significant role in pioneering the way forward for the agency industry, so that in future we produce a better educated and knowledgeable agent with less bad ones, less jokers and fewer clowns and more just like me.

Cos Toffis – Emimel Sports Management
Driving Performance on and off the Pitch


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