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Why Tottenham must respond to transfer speculation with an iron fist

Gareth Bale's services should be retainedTottenham Hotspur have in their grasp one of the most supreme young talents in the Premiership today. He comes in the form of Gareth Bale and the progression that Bale has made over the past couple of season is insurmountable and a credit to both the club and player. They have each shown their respective determination and faith in the other, with both parties realising what is on offer once achieved. They are now both profiteering from the aforementioned pact, with Bale a rampaging marauder on the left wing who seems intent on accumulating the most goals and assists he possibly can and Spurs reaping the rewards as a collective. Harry Redknapp has managed the young player’s mentality well, having a proven history in his management style of getting the best out of players. In Harry-esque fashion, when questioned over his psychological approach to Bale’s poor form, he is quoted as saying: “Have I had to talk to Bale about mental toughness? A bit, yeah. I just said, ‘Stop messing about with your barnet’. I said, ‘C’mon Gareth, stop messing about with your hair’. He was always at it.”

Regardless of which mental approaches, or lack thereof, that Redknapp took, it has now become reasonable for other clubs to take an interest in the 21 year old prospect. Tonight Spurs will face Inter Milan in the Champions League and if you’ve observed the latest media speculation, then you will have noted that Inter are interested in luring Bale to the San Siro. So what is to be made of this courting by Inter?

Well if Tottenham are to continue their voyage into the top positions of the Premiership and even possibly challenge for the title in the not too distant future, then suitors of this kind will have to be turned away at the door with bouquet in hand and tail between their legs. In the process of amassing a force that could challenge the dominance of a present regime, you don’t release one of your most valued assets and hope you could replace them. Luckily, Redknapp has been judiciously telling possible inquirers in no uncertain terms that Gareth Bale is much like the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, a no go area.

To progress and mount a credible challenge for the Premiership is no small feat indeed, but it is one made slightly less arduous when you have a character such as Bale. There are an infinite number of reasons why Redknapp shouldn’t be enticed by large sums of money for the acquisition of Bale by another club. Everything seems to be in the ascendancy for Spurs, having qualified for the Champions League after finishing fourth last season and looking strong this season with Bale at the forefront of Tottenham’s attacking options. All of this excellent work shouldn’t be jeopardized in the selling of Gareth Bale, but with Redknapp at the helm I’m fairly certain Inter, if they do indeed make an offer, will be left flicking through their little black book in order to try and salvage their pride.

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Article title: Why Tottenham must respond to transfer speculation with an iron fist

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