Why Wayne Rooney shouldn’t change a thing

So Wayne Rooney has hit the headlines again today – but not for the reason he would have liked. Ronney was in fine form on Saturday, as he scored a superb match-winning hat-trick to secure a 4-2 win for Manchester United against West Ham United. However, Rooney appeared to swear directly at the television camera – when celebrating his third goal. The Manchester United striker recognised he was in the wrong and has since apologised for his actions and must now await a decision by the FA on a potential charge. The FA could impose a ban and/or a fine, but it’s likely Rooney will get away with just the fine.

The real question here is should Rooney put a stop to his antics on and off the field? The obvious answer to that question is yes, but I don’t totally agree with that viewpoint. Although, Rooney is not everyone’s cup of tea, few people can doubt his ability as a footballer. Furthermore part of that ability is shown with him mouthing off at players, managers, referees and fans. I honestly believe he does it because of his passion for the game and his desire and determination to win. In much the same way as Andy Murray does when he is playing an important tennis match.

I would agree Wayne Rooney should act in a responsible manner in the public eye and be careful about what he says in interviews and when out and about, but please don’t change as a footballer. As far as the incident on Saturday goes, let’s remember that it was a tense game and was a reaction in the heat of the moment to a thrilling comeback from Manchester United. I would also add that Rooney was probably getting grief from the West Ham fans for much of the match and this may have been a reaction from Rooney to this.

Football grounds are places where swearing does take place and the majority of it comes from the supporters. Also Wayne Rooney is not the only footballer that would have sworn over the weekend, but he is the most high profile player and he was caught on camera.

Although, Wayne Rooney should refrain from such outbursts in the future, he should not change his style. That attitude makes him the player he is and every football fan surely wants to see a fiery and determined player. Yes, he will get the occasional red card and fine from the FA – but that is just part and parcel of Wayne Rooney. In summary, don’t change a thing on the field.

So that’s my view, but what is yours? Is it time for Wayne Rooney to grow up or do we just need to give the lad a break?

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