Why David Moyes was spot on with his condemnation

Football FanCast columnist Lewis Doe feels that David Moyes was spot on with his condemnation of the FA Cup semi
being held at Wembley.

The traditionalists are far from happy. The beauty of only the Football
Association Cup Final being held at our beloved Wembley stadium was brought
into question by Everton manager David Moyes and I'm sure fans across the
country share his concerns.

The point that holding the semi-finals at Wembley takes away some of the
nostalgia and other feelings we associate the FA Cup is a valid one. Moyes
said: "I don't think anyone likes it.
Wembley should be used only for the final."

The man has a valid point. Sure enough a smaller club than Everton,
Manchester United, Chelsea or Arsenal would not have any problems with playing
in the 90,000 seat stadium but Moyes is correct when he says that holding the
semis here takes away some of the magic of getting to the final in the first

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The FA Cup is a competition that we all grow up and enjoy watching,
regardless of the size or nature of the clubs we all support. Cup final day is
often met with thousands of us heading down to a pub to have a few beers, relax
and enjoy the game, even if we're just neutrals.

The buzz of waking up on final day and within that first few seconds
realising that you're off to Wembley to witness the most watched domestic cup
final in Europe is being threatened because of the incompetence that the FA
showed in the first place.

The point of having the semi-finals in the national stadium as well is to
help pay off some of the debts that resulted in Wembley being built. Old
Trafford and Villa Park as well as other neutral grounds that previously held
the semis both have similar uniqueness and were perfectly good venues.

I'm sure no one will really argue that they are going to watch a match at Wembley
whether it's an England game or an FA Cup semi-final but with the domestic
league being constantly threatened by foreign intervention, the FA Cup is one
of the last corner stones that can be seen to hold that British magic and
Wembley is no different.

It's not just football matches that take place at Wembley; NFL games as well
as music concerts rack up huge sums of money, some of which the builders of the
stadium are quite rightly entitled to.

The point of holding two more matches a year at the stadium in order to ever
so slightly ease millions of pounds in debts is quite bizarre. Holding the
semis at other venues also gave fans the opportunity to travel across the
country and experience some of the best stadiums the Premier League has to
offer, all part of the FA Cup experience.

The old chant of "Whatever will be
will be, we're going to Wembley"
will be bellowed ten times louder if the
semi-finals were not held at the great stadium. The incentive of getting to
play there will be greater and may very well produce better football as a

In a world where football is constantly
having to reinvent itself, please Football Association, give us back some of
the magic and forward thinking that we thrive on.