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Why did HE feel the need to rain on Wenger’s parade

FanCast guest columnist
Dave Farrell reflects on the
timing of George Graham's remarks.

Anniversaries are normally a time for celebration, a
period of reflection and certainly in the case of Arsene Wenger a time where
all comment past on him should reflect on the man's achievements and how he
turned a football club that was in serious decline and in great need of a
facelift. The Frenchman did that and more; yet on this day of reflection it
hasn't stopped George Graham raining on his parade.

I have a huge amount of respect for George Graham,
especially given what he achieved in a relatively short space of time; however
I felt passing comment that Wenger may have lost touch of his priorities, in
terms of putting beautiful before success were ill-timed and served no purpose
at all. Graham seems to fail to understand that Wenger either wins a certain
way or not at all, and it is for that reason why Wenger will always be revered –
winning titles under Graham is one thing, however those sides pale into
insignificance compared to the ones that Arsene created.

"My approach was to win trophies."

"That was my brief. And I think it is
the same for the majority of managers, they have the same view,

"Number one priority is to win and
number two is to play good attacking football. I got the first part right, but
maybe not the second,

"Now, maybe, it is the opposite happening here. They have got the second part
right, but maybe not yet the first."

Graham did go onto say how highly he rated Wenger as a manager, but the
point is his remarks today had a sense of bitterness about them and no place on
this day of days. Whether he wants a public pat on the back for contributing to
Arsene's early success having already created the back five that served Wenger
well in his first few years, I am not sure, but a bit of decorum would have
been nice and respect to a manager who in truth was on a different stratosphere
to him.


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Article title: Why did HE feel the need to rain on Wenger’s parade

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