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Why do Chelsea continually fail to get the respect they deserve?

Football FanCast guest
Felix Verran talks about how he found his love of Chelsea
and fails to understand why the media never give them the respect they deserve.

This is one of my first football blogs and I hope you will
be well entertained and have some opinions and share how you feel about your
club as well.  Whatever Club, Country, League/Division, and style of
football you fancy it’s not that often our club can provide all of the things
we love in one package.

It would be impossible to have a massive amount of
supporters and every one to want and have the same opinion.  Nor should it
ever do that.  We love this game for many different reasons.  Some
are born into the sport we call the greatest in the world.  Some just grew
up playing it and now watch it from the comforts of home.  Others have
been drawn into the game because someone close brought it in our life.
Most of us think of it as our religion.  We Live Football.  We
stand up and shout out for 90 minutes and sing our way to victory when we’re
playing on good form and with some luck.

My story echoes with many.  Football was the first team
sport I loved to play and every day I would practice, in summer I was sent off
to summer camps for improving and learning new skills.  I was lucky to
find something I have been this passionate about at such a young age.

fact the book Fever Pitch put this so honestly harsh by telling his bird
“(DON’T SAY THAT! Please! That is
the worst, most stupid thing anyone could say! Cause it quite clearly isn’t
“only a game.” I mean if it was do you honestly think I’d care this
much? Eh? Eighteen years! Eight-teen years! Do you know what you wanted
eighteen years ago? Or ten? Or five? Did you want to be Head of Year at North
London Comprehensive, I doubt it. I’d doubt if you wanted anything for that
long. And if you had, and if you’d spent three months thinking that finally,
FINALLY you were gonna get it and just when you think it’s there it’s taken
away from you… I mean I don’t care what it is, a car, a job, an Oscar, the
baby… then you’d understand how I was feeling tonight. But there isn’t, and
you don’t, so..)”

I can remember having that same type of argument
more than once and when I read this it was an amazing light that went on.
I wasn’t the only one.  I knew I was not alone as many friends
followed some of the same clubs and some followed rival clubs.  It was all
about having a laugh and cheering on your club.  Your National Team.
Whatever it was.  Now I am an American so let’s say I have been
severely disadvantaged most of my life.  I can remember spending my
allowance on British Papers and Magazines when I was high school.  When I
was 14 my best friend’s parents bought a Satellite dish and we were able to get
a few games and this was our Holy Grail.

We didn’t have professional
Leagues to go see week in and out.  Our National team was a disgrace
compared to any other sport we played.  Then one of the best things in my
life happened.  I met a girl who loved the game too.  I graduated
high school in the year 1994.  This was the year the US hosted the World’s
greatest competition ever, we had the World Cup.  I was getting tickets
easily to matches in the famous Rose Bowl and distinctly remember Escobar
scoring an own goal and the US beat Columbia 2-1.  I remember feeling bad
for the chap but the US won a match.  I had turned 18 on June 8th so Ten
Days later I was the happiest New Adult on the globe.  I saw a heap of
matches and partied with many different national team supporters.  This
was the epiphany of my life.  I knew I had been in the right place all
this time.  I have an Italian and Dutch family on my dad’s side, German
and a little English on the moms side.

So I rooted for Germany, the Runners up Italy, the Netherlands and US teams.
This World Cup was one of the biggest events I have been part of to this
day.  I remember crying when I read the papers that Andres Escobar because
this lad had a bad game and lost his life over it.  My eyes opened and I
became more aware of the deep culture other nations have around football.
See in the US we don’t have many supportive followers and the other
sports like Baseball-which I always found boring as can be were the sports
people always wanted to talk about.  The US now has the MLS as part of the
deal to bring us the world cup.  I am rambling.  Sorry.  So I
love the game.  I love my Chelsea which found me in the mid 90’s when they
had Coors as a sponsor and my girlfriends dad came back from Europe with the
kit and an England scarf.  I wish I had those now.  But the coverage
was minimal. The internet was not as instantaneous and the Judge and Jury it
has evolved into.

I love my team.  I follow them Win or Lose.  I have other clubs I would
say I watch, I cheer on from time to time because overall I just love the sport
so much.  A few clubs relatives supported so I would try and watch them
when I could.  I would go to a bar that was 2.5 hours away to see games
once in a while for special FA Cup and UEFA cup matches.  With Fox Soccer
Channels rights to Premier league matches it has been a wonderful few years
seeing the game I grew up loving have its own dedicated channel and I can see
SOME of the greatest matches from the English top flight and the Italian Serie
A.  ESPN got into the Champions League so I’m spoiled with those now too.
My first “Soccer” magazine cost me 20$ and it was a newspaper
like job from the UK that had the weekends league news and pictures of some of
the now legendary players.  Now that the access to see my team is so much
easier it’s opened my eyes to other avenues of the media and sport.  Websites
and Podcasts have become a daily dose of the goings on.  I can easily read
about players or see what other leagues have going on.  My life is filled
with joy because f this.

I have the LA Galaxy and Chivas USA matches to
see up near LA and while the MLS doesnt quite have the talent and speed/skill
of the European leagues I can see matches live in person.  So now being
even more immersed in this sport I start to realize the media hates Chelsea.
Whether they hate the fact Roman has brought money, a proper manager and
more highly skilled players we couldn’t quite afford before.

Maybe the
success has made them bitter.  Maybe we just deserve to be the team no one
likes.  American teams like the Cubs have amazing support and they never
win the World Series.  NY Yankees gets a lot of love from the media and
they bought success to their team.  So why is it when Chelsea FC play quality
footie and get it all right they discredit us by saying the other team had a
bad game.  Or that the pitch was in horrible shape.  It seems like if
we were a red team we would get many more accolades than the love to hate us
stuff.  Personally the glory hunters, Johnny come lately’s, and
bandwagoners can throw on a red shirt and be part of the red teams many other
sheep.  I will stick with the Blue Flag and Carefree and know we are
leaders.  We play a smashing game at times and have been title holders back
to back in this decade.  Now that the media favours the other sides it
fires me up and I look forward to matches even more.

I stopped reading
several sites because enough is enough.  Sites like used to be a great summer transfer market site to get the
scoop and read what was happening.  But now I have my Football FanCast
site with my fellow Blue Brothers/Sisters and we have some other sites to get
up to date reliable info that is well, less biased or biased in the way I like.
Basically if they are pro Chelsea FC they get my business and if they talk
down on my club or worse if they cannot suck it up and admit we played a great
match, got our tactics right, and had a remarkable performance then they should
know they can stuff it.

Article title: Why do Chelsea continually fail to get the respect they deserve?

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