Why do Liverpool continually fail to get the due respect they deserve?

Liverpool PodJockey Lawrie Brand cannot understand why the reds continually fail to get the credit or due respect they so rightly deserve.

Off the back of a brilliant victory against the Gunners, I am left wondering why we still go into every Champions League game as supposed underdogs. Having cruised past Inter, defeated Arsenal and now we face Chelsea in the semi final and guess what? We are once again considered the underdog. There seems to be a lack of respect and appreciation of Liverpool within the media, have they forgotten we have disposed of the West Londoners twice at this stage in recent years?

Do people not realise we have the best English record in the Champions League over recent years. Two finals in three years and obviously victorious in 2005, the stats don't lie. Do they not realise Rafa has designed his squad to be effective in the Champions League. Sure it hasn't always worked in the Premier League, but no one can say we haven't been successful in Europe.

I'm left bemused by the way no one likes to credit Liverpool. They instead look at the poor performance of the opposition, or them having a bad day at the office. I'm not saying we're a great side, because great sides are consistent over a long period and we're not there yet. What we are is a very good side that's very competitive and could beat anyone on their day. Is it not fair to say we go out with a game plan against sides and pull it off?

It would be nice to see more credit where credits due, instead looking at the odd incident, what ifs and how unlucky the opposition were. It's not as if we don't have any quality players in our ranks and we scrape through with passion and drive alone. We have one of the best midfielders in the world and one of the most in-form strikers around in Europe.

I'd like to see us recognised as the force that we are in Europe. Not just as the team who's lucky to get through each game we play. All I want is more respect for the talented side we are and dispel this underdog tag forever.