Why I won’t be shedding a tear when Spurs star leaves!

FanCast guest columnist
will certainly not be
shedding a tear when Pascal Chimbonda moves on.

If there is one player that will forever boil my blood at
Tottenham, then it is Pascal Chimbonda. Greedy, selfish, egotistical the list
to describe the man is endless and I for one was delighted to hear his agent
confirm his likely departure this summer.

What annoys me more than anything else is that they guy is a
fantastic footballer and on his day can prove an absolute colossus. On a
football pitch he has never let the club down in any capacity and wherever he
played at centre, left or right back he always gave 100%, but it was his
constant attitude away from the pitch that has always grated with me.

Everyone knows about his reaction to being subbed at Wembley
and his complete lack of respect shown to his teammates. Apparently it was down
to being upset at being taken off in a cup final – strange considering that he
was more than happy to tell pressmen, following our 5-1 demolition of Arsenal
that he didn't care about being in the final as he was hoping to secure a big
pay day at St James Park – He did however seem to be reborn at the final
whistle and was orchestrating the celebrations, much to the distaste of all
Spurs fans.

It is clear that respect is not something that is regarded high
in Chimbonda's persona. Who can forget him handing in a transfer request on the
last day of the season at Wigan, the constant talk of how he would be
interested in a move to Chelsea if it came along – it has been relentless and
has pretty much eyeing up his next move from day one.

He is really the epitome of everything that is wrong with the
modern footballer. Greed and money are two things that have slowly gnawed their
way through the game, in this country, as players continually lose a sense of
pride in their profession and simply move on to the biggest pay cheque. It is a
sorry state of affairs and Chimbonda is certainly not alone and it's a growing
indictment of how the game has changed.

I wish Pascal well and hope he finds happiness at whatever
club takes a chance with him. I personally prefer to have players like Giovani
Dos Santos who arrived at the club today, talking about his ambition and hunger
to do well at N17 – that is the type of footballer you want at your club and
that is why I won't be shedding a tear at the Frenchman's exit.