Why Spurs will never spend a better £4.7m

Football FanCast guest columnist Stefan Degruise wonders if Spurs fans are
fully aware of what Giovani Dos Santos will bring to their football club.

You talk to a Spurs fan about
their summer activity in the market and the general consensus would be that they
could have done better. In fairness there is certainly an argument that the
squad could have been improved in certain areas, but to suggest that their
season is now jeopardised as a result, is somewhat short sighted.

Out of all the summer arrivals, a
great deal of column inches has been attributed to Modric, Bentley and now
Roman Pavlyuchenko. All excellent players and definitely worth the hype, but
the understated arrival of Giovani Dos Santos has staggered me quite honestly,
because frankly he is the best of the lot.

Being a UEFA qualified coach for
26yrs and travelled the world training and observing players, few have had made
me take note quite like Gio. His ability is staggering and the comparisons to a
young Ronaldinho is certainly valid. He is one of those players who has the world
at his feet and will achieve greatness. Make no mistake Barcelona didn't want
him to leave, but with 12months of his contract to go and the reported 40% sell
on clause, what option did they have? Dos Santos wanted first team football and
his signing represents an amazing coup for Spurs and will undoubtedly go down
as the best £4.7m they have spent in years.

One great aspect about Dos Santos
is the versatility to his game. I personally feel that he is wasted on the left
side as he so much more to offer in a central role. I see it as inevitable that
Ramos will look to adopt Gio in the hole behind Pavlyuchenko in a new look strike
force. Dos Santos certainly brings a lot more to the table than an Arshavin and
that is why I feel Spurs fans shouldn't feel so disgruntled. They have a
potential superstar on their hands and that is certainly no throwaway comment
as there is no weakness in his game and Barca's loss is very much Spurs' gain.