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Why this DEAL can only bring good to Liverpool FC

FanCast guest columnist
Colm Brennan would welcome a
deal struck between F6 and Hicks and Gillett.

While the news of the Saudi's interest in buying a
stake in Liverpool has been met with caution on some sides, I for one think it
will be fabulous for the club even if it does cause a bit of a dispute between
Hicks and Gillett.

The reason for my optimism is these guys have got
money, stacks of it in fact and this football club is in desperate need of cash
rich investors and those who don't have to indebt the club in any way at all.
The noises coming out of F6 today have suggested that they are attempting to
seize more than the 25% holding that was originally on offer and looking for a
figure closer to 50. Whether they'll be able to force the hands of both or
either to relinquish some more equity remains to be seen, but it is clear that
their intention, even if it was to take up the offer of 25% to give the Stanley
Park the kick-start it needs, then the long term ambitions of them will be to
take a more active role in the running of the football club by manoeuvring
themselves once they are in.

This deal can only be positive for the club as
having an active partner and another major shareholder on board will put a huge
amount of pressure on Hicks, Gillett, or both of them and not only will add a
little more security and financial stability of the club, but you do sense that
Rafa will not have to rely on a tight budget every summer, in order to
strengthen the squad. The two Americans will also be kept on their toes and as
a result things will start happening, rather than the dragging of the clubs
feet, why they have attempted to get their own financial houses in order. The
Saudis will ensure that the club continues to grow at a rapid rate as past
history has proven that in the business world they never do things in half and
will be determined to see that Liverpool succeeds.

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Article title: Why this DEAL can only bring good to Liverpool FC

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