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Why THIS is the only way Man City should look to broaden their appeal!

Football FanCast columnist Lewis Doe thinks the best way for Manchester City to move forward is to start
winning more games on the pitch.

The reports emerging this morning that Manchester City manager, Mark Hughes,
is holding a number of meetings with the elite of a number of European clubs is
not the way the club are going to move forward.

Although City may be trying to fill in the cracks that were obviously
apparent in January when they attempted to sign Kaka, the only way they are
going to be able to attract such players and grow bigger as a club is to start
winning more games on the pitch.

Building bridges to all of the best clubs in Europe is all well and good but
no amount of good and friendly relations can talk as loudly as on field
success. It is almost as though the whole thing is a grooming process so that
when the on field success does come the approachable and likeable relations
that have been created will provide a gateway to negotiations with some of the
biggest names in football.

Speaking in The Times, Hughes
said: “I don’t think it was ever said
that the relationship [with Milan] was broken. It’s about making sure we can be
in the same room as these people, make ourselves known, and have a presence on
the world stage.” 

“It’s about building relationship with
the clubs, and hopefully in the future it being mutually beneficial to both
clubs, not just in the acquisition and disposal of players, but on all levels –
We’re at a level where we’re able to open doors because we’ve got owners who
are perceived to have a lot of resources. That’s the only reason the doors are

This is not the first instance of a club trying to reach out across Europe
to join hands at the friendship table. Manchester United have a number of links
in Portugal, Brazil and Italy, Liverpool in Spain and Chelsea in some Eastern
Europe countries.

The difference is that these clubs have everything to back themselves up.
City are approaching the big clubs with a virtually empty portfolio and only a
wad of cash to throw down.

If the bosses think this is the best way
to take the club forward then they have to be very careful. Sooner or later a
club will question the motives of City a lot deeper and maybe even call them
ulterior. If this happens without foundations to back the club up then it could
damage European ties, far from making them stronger.

Article title: Why THIS is the only way Man City should look to broaden their appeal!

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