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Why Tottenham fans should wake up and smell the coffee

Football FanCast guest columnist Jamie Lythgoe believes that Tottenham are the only side capable of breaking the top four clique, this season.

When Mark Hughes came out yesterday and claimed that the top four this season remains vulnerable to change, he certainly wasn't wrong, although I don't think City will be staking a claim this year. They have a lot of talent which is not in question, but yesterday showed them back to their old ways of complacency setting in, against the lesser teams and over a season it will cost them dear. They are certainly on the right path, but not this year.

Aston Villa is another team who look in an ominous position having already proven they can beat the top four teams in the country, twice this season. Beating the best teams has never really been a problem for Villa, as they have proven last season, but like City, they are vulnerable against certain teams like the Wigan and Blackburn's of this world they are prone to off days. Manchester United proved last season that it wasn't the results against the top four teams that matter, but results against the bottom half of the table that defines your success. United only won one game against the top four last season, but incredibly took 58pts out of a possible 60 against the bottom ten teams.

Out of the genuine contenders that could perhaps break into the clique it is only Tottenham that look like they have the ingredients to. I know there will be certain Spurs supporters that won't thank me for adding to the numbers of experts and pundits who are predicting bright things for them this season, but they need to wake-up to the fact that their squad and team is certainly strong enough to perhaps eclipse the likes of Liverpool or their old enemy Arsenal. As I say results against the top four are meaningless really and it is how you dispatch the rest of the teams that defines your fate. Tottenham are renowned for being a soft touch and in ways it is what has prevented the club from fulfilling its potential over the years, but the last two away games in particular has shown that Harry has instilled an incredible amount of character into these players and their never say die attitude is what is picking up results and showing they are made of meaner stuff this season, I mean how many Tottenham teams would have caved in going 2-1 down to Bolton, or against Pompey at the weekend when reduced to ten men for half an hour of the game left to go? Last season, or many before that, Tottenham would have returned with no points from their travels to the Reebok and Fratton Park, in these particular circumstances and yet they have yielded four.

It is this resilience and change in approach from Tottenham as to why I am so certain that they could break into the Promised Land. Where City and Villa still fall into their bad ways, Tottenham look a far stronger outfit that isn't going to be beaten by many teams this season. It is time for the supporters to start believing that finally have the manager and players capable of bridging that gap.


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Article title: Why Tottenham fans should wake up and smell the coffee

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