Why Wenger should look to activate Newcastle star’s ‘get out’ clause

FanCast guest columnist
Jeff Simmons feels that
Wenger should look to Obafemi Martins in the summer to bolster the Arsenal

There have been endless debates as to where it is
all going wrong in the final third at Arsenal, but no one has actually
mentioned the obvious. We have all looked for excuses, pinpointed player
absences as the possible reason, but no one seems to be bold enough to suggest
that simply our strikers aren't good enough. I'm not being funny here, but wasn't
finishing teams off half the problem last season as well?

Since Henry has left the football club we have lost
that talisman upfront, the player that strikes fear into opposition and more
importantly puts the ball in the net on a consistent basis. Adebayor has been
hopeless this season; van Persie, despite his obvious abilities, doesn't score regularly
enough and I won't go into Bendtner's contributions. Obviously we can hope that
Arshavin or Eduardo will be able to step up to the plate, but if we want to get
the team back on track then a real predator needs to be brought in.

I think half the problem with the strikers at
Arsenal is that none of them are natural predators that can play off the
shoulder of defenders. They are all tidy footballers don't get me wrong, but none
of them offer you the alternative of going long or play with pace on the
counter attack. I really believe that is the reason why we have thrown away so
many points this season as we are extremely predictable and subsequently easy
to mark.

Of course in Henry we were blessed with a striker
that had the ability to combine both, but unfortunately players like that are
few and far between and therefore we have to find the right blend instead. We
have the guile and creativity that both RVP and Arshavin can provide, but we
need that strong centre forward in front of them that can make the subsequent
runs and stretch opposition defences. No doubt my fellow gooners will provide a
variety of possibilities, but my own personal choice, and it may surprise a few
people, but I would move for Obafemi Martins.

Martins is, in my opinion, exactly what we are missing.
Big, strong and extremely kick, he is an absolute handful and is unplayable on
his day. On Wednesday he gave Nemanja Vidic the toughest game he has faced all
season and physically Vidic couldn't shake him off or keep up with him. He is an
excellent finisher and although at times can be prone to injury is certainly worth
that risk. Martins would provide us with variety of options upfront and give us
that direct and counter attacking outlet, which is invaluable away from home
and allows us to mix it up against the more resolute defences who park the bus
at the Emirates. You could say that Theo could provide us with that, but he
hardly possesses the physical prowess that Martins would. The Nigerian will
also prove relatively cheap given that he has a £13m get out clause in his
contract and should Adebayor be sold on as rumoured in the summer then he will
more than pay for the Newcastle striker.

So do Arsenal fans share my admiration of Martins or
do you feel that we should look elsewhere?