Will the Anfield faithful hold it against Steven Gerrard?

Acclaimed journalist Martin Samuel believes that if Steven Gerrard chooses to leave Liverpool this summer then it shouldn’t be held against him.

Samuel has said: “Three years. That was the time frame Martin Broughton, chairman of Liverpool, was said to have given in a candid moment as how long it would take to turn the club around. “

“In the circumstances, could anyone then blame Steven Gerrard for taking his leave of Anfield now? He has not got three years to live in hope. Neither have the club, really. Even thinking optimistically about revival, by the time this recovery is realised, Gerrard, like Bryan Robson at Manchester United, may be too old to truly play much part. It would almost be cruel to make him stay, particularly if his destination was Real Madrid, not another English club.” [From the Mail Online]

The comments have to be agreed with as Steven Gerrard is now 30-years-old and coming towards the end of his career. If he wants to go on and win more trophies he will have a better chance of doing so by moving clubs. Liverpool have limited funds for next season and will not be playing in the Champions League and Gerrard is a world class player who needs to be playing at the highest level. It would do a prestigious tournament like the Champions League a disservice not to have a player the calibre of Steven Gerrard playing in it next year.

Unfortunately due to Liverpool’s shortcomings last season it has really put them a step back as they will not be getting the finances the Champions League brings and not only are the missing out on Europe’s elite competition. But they will find it very tough to compete with other sides for fourth place next season and were Gerrard to stay he would be putting Liverpool’s chances of qualification down to ‘ifs and buts’

Samuel goes on to say: “Without Gerrard, no miracle of Istanbul and not even the FA Cup final victory over West Ham United in 2006. And if Liverpool supporters can find it in their hearts to think well of Rafael Benitez for those highlights, surely they will not begrudge Gerrard, too?”

Gerrard has clearly done a lot for Liverpool throughout his career and if anything Liverpool owe Steven Gerrard the chance to leave. He has always given them 110 per cent and has been loyal when he has previously had chances to leave. Infamously he turned down Chelsea in 2005 for what would surely have been much higher wages and would have given Gerrard the opportunity to win more things in his career. Gerrard could comfortably walk into any side in the world as is his magnitude and at times for Liverpool he has looked out of this world .

Samuel also adds: “Gerrard cannot be left marooned, the last world-class player at a club[assuming Mascherano, Torres and Reina leave] where the concept of success is seemingly downscaled each season. The promise of a coaching job in the famed Liverpool boot room is not enough. If the future is as troubled as Broughton believes, Gerrard and Liverpool are no longer in equal partnership. For a player of his ability, the England captain in World Cup year, he is settling if he remains.”

There is so much more that Gerrard can still go on to achieve and although Liverpool have done a lot for him it is surely time for him to finally move on.

Do you think Steven Gerrard deserves to leave Liverpool?

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