Will this ‘Special Signing’ prove enough for Redknapp?

Harry Redknapp believes his side may only need one ‘special’ signing this summer, as he looks to take on Europe’s finest next season.

Spurs have had a fantastic season to say the very least. The North London side secured the illustrious fourth spot which has ensured them a crack at the champion’s league next season. With this being said, Tottenham still have the task of qualifying to the group stages of the competition, so don’t cross the bridge till you come to it.

It is reported that the spurs boss will not be looking to bring in a group of players; instead he will add a minimal addition to the squad if he thinks he requires it. Redknapp is happy with his present team and feels he has healthy competition in all areas of his side. Redknapp is unwilling to ‘splash the cash’ unnecessarily. Spurs have been hit with a list of injuries this season, and Redknapp hopes that next season won’t bring the same torment.

Nevertheless, the spurs boss has identified that in order for his team to go forward and build on their success from this season, he is prepared to spend big money on a ‘special’ signing this summer. Redknapp told sky sports of his potential spending spree this summer:

“I wouldn’t lose any sleep if we don’t do anything this summer. But if we could find a really special player, someone who could take the team to another level like, for example, the way (Fernando) Torres did to Liverpool, then we’ll try to do that.

He finished off by saying:

“It might only be one player – one expensive player – but then we might go for it. I don’t want four or five players – I wouldn’t know what to do with them.”

With that being said, is Redknapp’s thinking right? Do spurs need just one ‘special signing or should they look to add 3-4 players this summer? Spurs do have an adequate number of players, but with the prospect of qualifying for the champion’s league next season, are the players ready for the challenge? More importantly, do they feel they are capable of taking the next step?

In order to play with Europe’s elite you must have a solid and experienced team no questions asked. It is a big step for spurs and many would believe that in order to challenge and compete with the best, they will need to acquire top quality players during the summer.

Tottenham have only 5 players in their squad with European football experience, these being Luka Modric, Roman Pavluchenko, Heurelho Gomes, Peter Crouch and Eidur Gudjohnsen (currently on-loan from Barcelona, maybe a spurs player next season, who knows).

Spurs fans will no doubt be divided in Redknapp’s hypothesis of obtaining one ‘special’ signing this summer. Many would believe that the manager should splash the cash, while others may think that the squad is fine the way it is. Redkanpp has already expressed an interest in signing the legendary Raul from Madrid, but is he the man spurs need to crack Europe?

The bottom line is Redknapp will have a lot to think about this summer, whether he adds to his squad is down to him. Next season, Tottenham could undertake an expedition even they thought wasn’t accessible.

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