Will Tottenham fans shed a tear if he was to leave WHL?

Jermaine Jenas Today there have been stories linking Jermaine Jenas in a transfer to Aston Villa. My question today is, would Spurs fans shed a tear if Jenas moved on?

At this minute Modric is probably one of Redknapp’s first names on the team sheet, along with Bale and Van Der Vaart. This realistically does not allow for Huddlestone, Palacios, Jenas, Sandro, O’Hara , Kranjcar and Piennar (if he is tried them in the middle), to play in the centre of midfield.

Importantly, Aston Villa appear willing to splash a good amount of cash on Jenas. While I would not call for his head before others (particularly O’Hara after his comments last year), if Jenas represents the best value for money, it should be him that makes way. If Tottenham get an offer around £8-10 million then they would be unwise to turn it down.

Since Harry has made it clear that he does not want to sell Crouch in this window, and since the policy of ‘sell before you buy’ seems to be in place at White Hart Lane this year, the option of £8-10m for a squad player seems very reasonable.

It seems this year that Redknapp has real ambitions of breaking into the top four and a desire to bring in experienced and/or world class players. Diarra is a name that has been linked with Spurs and he is an option that would definitely improve the Spurs squad and move them in the right direction.

People may feel that an anchoring midfielder like Diarra is just a better version of Palacios, and if Diarra comes in it should be Palacios that goes. However, Jenas at £8-10m would prove better business. Furthermore, if Harry is looking to strengthen with players other than Diarra, the loss of Jenas would prove less of a blow than that of Palacios. Yes, Jenas may be better at keeping possession, but Palacios remains superb at winning the ball. The winning of the ball in the defensive half of the pitch will be crucial to Tottenham’s counter-attacking style.

The worry for a Tottenham fan if they lose Jenas is that he is just coming back to full fitness and has looked brighter this season than last and he is always willing to try his best. Plus, he is English which is important for the ‘home-grown players’ ruling. Add that to the fact that he is eligible to play for Spurs in the Champions League, something that a cup-tied player like Diarra is not, and you can see how he may be missed.

So if a Spurs fan has ambitions to succeed in Europe, they may well have a strong case in bemoaning the sale of Jenas. However, if you believe Spurs to have a genuine chance to finish in the top 4, the sale of Jenas for a good price would be a smart option and would allow for a better midfielder. If Harry wants to bring more playersin , the sale of Jenas would allow him to do that. If he is not looking to further strengthen the squad, he will need Jenas.

Either way, time is running out for Spurs and they will have to make a decision quickly, but that seems to be the way with the transfer window these days.


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