Will Kirkby move bring an end to our great club as we know it?

Football FanCast columnist Joe Jennings cannot understand for the life of him why they are still persisting with this Kirkby move and failing to listen to the demands and pleas of true supporters.

Disgusted is the only word I can use to describe my emotions when learning that Keith Wyness and Everton Football Club were ready and willing to sue a non-profit making Evertonian based company in Keep Everton in Our City (if website documents weren't removed). If that was a genuine threat then in my opinion it is nothing short of a disgrace.
I find it pathetic and stomach churning. KEIOC are merely passionate Evertonians who care deeply about their football club and want to convey that a move to Kirkby is not the right kind of progress for Everton, is that really so bad? They live by the club motto of "Nil Satis Nisi Optimum"; surely the club should do likewise?
Everton Football Club belongs in the city of Liverpool, fact. Why should we, Everton, abandon our heritage, we are the city's first club.
The Toffees are running generally under capacity, with average gates of 36-37 thousand every fortnight. The club have stated that there will be more potential support from the new location. Where are these supporters coming from?
Football fans in this area already have their clubs. They already support Everton, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Bolton, Wigan or any of a number of other clubs. The Kirkby plan is a disaster waiting to happen, the end for many, if it's to reach fruition.
I firmly believe a move out of the city will be the end of this Club as we know it and it will go the way of other clubs who have been tempted by the promise of revenue. We need a campaign to force the club to come clean with us – last summer it was self-financing but now we are told reportedly that anything from £30-100m is needed. Will we ever get transparency? Anyone recall what happened to the King's Dock proposal for the sake of £30m that we "supposedly" had?
Why is there such a hush-hush, detrimental attitude about the specifics of the proposal, why are no other options being taken into account? I've reached the stage where I honestly can't see why the Chief Executive and the board want a move when it's clearly not in the best interests of the club or the fans who love it so deeply? It baffles me why Everton wont at least look at other valid proposals?
It seems that the people in power have been blinkered and forthright in getting the proposal they want. The recent threats to sue KEIOC if correct are disgusting. Why can't the majority of Everton fans have their voice heard?

I can't help but remain astonished that we are even pondering the prospect of moving Everton Football Club out of this city, are we really that desperate? Talk about city boundaries all you like, once we leave, we cease to be Everton FC anymore.
If we move to Kirkby, not only will staunch supporters diminish (KEIOC anyone?), but Evertonians in general will be a dieing breed. I can admit Liverpool are a bigger club, but we can be built into a bigger one with help, however, we are not getting any whatsoever. It feels to me that we are being forced out; condemning a group of fans will not do the club any favour, that's for sure.
KEIOC have Everton's best interests at heart, could the same be said about the club we all love? What is Liverpool City Council prepared to do for Everton FC, the club that founded professional football in Liverpool? Why are our supporters losing moral ownership of the club as the powers that be seem to favour of a more commercial approach where a new lifeless, merciless stadium on a retail park will be the icon of that project. Is this really the "Grand New Lady" we all desire and why are we supporters continually having any chance of debate stifled?

Article title: Will Kirkby move bring an end to our great club as we know it?

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