Will Klinsmann Fly In To Save Tottenham’s Season?

With Martin Jol holding onto his Spurs job by the merest of threads and mounting speculation about who his successor will be; Jurgen Klinsmann last night gave the broadest hint yet that he may be on the verge of quitting the sun of LA for the daily rigours of club management.

The German legend enjoyed two successful spells as a player at the North London club and few would be surprised if he didn’t answer Levy’s SOS should the board finally lose patience with the big Dutchman.

Tottenham holds a special place in Klinsmann’ heart and his appointment would certainly appease supporters who feel disgruntled at the way the board has treated Jol of late.

“I’m eager to get back in,” he said. “If the right opportunity comes along, a chance to work together with the right people in the right situation and for the right cause, then I’ll be back.”

“It would depend on the club, the environment and it would have to fit with my family,” Klinsmann said. “But there’s no reason to exclude coaching a club. Wanting to make every player better as an individual as well as within the team was what was special for me. So it doesn’t matter if you’re coaching a national team or a club.”

It would be the dream scenario for Tottenham fans and will get the board off the hook in the eyes of their supporters. You have to question that given a lack of managerial experience whether he has what it will takes to move Spurs on to the next level.

Great players don’t always make top managers…just ask Ruud Gullit.