Will Spurs fans look to thaw this seemingly frosty relationship?

Football FanCast guest columnist Connor Meagher looks at the seemingly frosty relationship between Robbie Keane and the Spurs faithful.

I suppose the moment that Robbie Keane realised that the grass isn't always greener and returned back to the Lane, there was always a chance that his return wasn't going to be embraced by all. The manner of his departure undoubtedly left a sour taste, but will he ever be forgiven?

I think it is fair to say that something has been lost between the crowd and player and the affection in which he was once carried has failed to reconvene since his return and Keane is certainly not considered with the same esteem as say strike partner Jermain Defoe.

Perhaps it was the manner of his exit, compared to that of Defoe, who didn't want to go, that sees supporters rather guarded. Keane for me has always been a confidence player and he needs the supporters to get behind him in order to lift his game, unfortunately it hasn't been forthcoming as he had probably hoped and Keane needs to realise that he has to start all over again in order to regain their respect, but it doesn't seem to be happening at present. Having been at Wembley on Friday and Sunday the relationship seemed frosty and I just wonder if Spurs fans are prepared to let it thaw out.

So what is the deal with Robbie Keane and will he ever be forgiven for jumping ship last summer, despite his return? Is it simply that the club have moved on and perhaps his presence is a hindrance to the progress of the likes of Modric and Defoe? Will he ever be revered as he once was at White Hart Lane?


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