Will this prove to be one in the eye for Arsenal fans?

Football FanCast guest columnist Paul Chaplow wonders how Viera's possible move to the spuds will be perceived by Arsenal fans.

Oh how the mighty have fallen and with Viera reportedly linked with a move to the Spuds it certainly got me thinking as to whether he would actually be prepared to lower his standards, or more importantly how the move will be perceived by my fellow Gooners. I personally would hate to see him don the white of Spurs, but at the same time I fail to see the majority of supporters showing the type of venom that was given to Campbell when he crossed the divide – It will certainly have more a Pat Jennings feel behind it than Sol's.

To be honest it is still simply a rumour and hopefully we will here Patrick come out with some sort of put down and horror that his name has been linked with them in any shape or form, but it remains to be seen. I'm sure Viera is desperate to get out of Serie A, which really hasn't proved an overly successful period for him individually. Despite Inter's success Viera has been very much a bit part player and has had to battle numerous injuries, so it has been very stop start to say the least. It appears Viera wants a move with a view of regular first team football in order to cement a place in the French squad in the up and coming World Cup and why PSG are also in the hunt, the reports in the paper suggest that he would prefer a move back to the Premier League. Why I only hope that it won't be the Spuds that provide it, nothing surprises me in football anymore.

So how will my fellow Gooners react to the prospect of Patrick joining Spurs – is it one in the eye for supporters, or will he always be revered by Arsenal fans if he were to cross the divide?



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