William Gallas is the last man to talk about egos

Like many other Frenchman William Gallas has shouldered France’s dismal showing in the World Cup squarely upon former coach Raymod Domenech’s shoulders.

To criticise him is fair enough even though I doubt it is all the coach’s fault. But the defender has also criticised Domenech for his ego which is just laughable:

“Domenech was not open. Many players could not speak with him. That was my case. Domenech hammered into us time and again: ‘Put your egos to one side’. But I believe that he forgot to do that himself.”

Surely that’s a little rich coming from the former Arsenal man considering his ego?

Many Premier League fans would have been annoyed with the petulance that Gallas has shown in the past, not least the Arsenal fans. His strop against Birmingham after the midlands side were awarded a late penalty during their Premier League meeting at St Andrews in 2008 was something of a joke. The France international kicked advertising hoardings and sat himself on the floor wearing the expression of a whinging man-child.

He has also hit out at Domenech for the way he handled the captaincy situation after Thierry Henry was relegated to the bench:

“The hardest part of it is the manner in which it happened. I realised when I entered the changing room prior to the friendly with Costa Rica that the captain’s armband was placed beside Evra’s shirt. Domenech told me: ‘In any case, you would not be a good captain’.”

In this instance the former France coach was correct (for once) as Gallas makes an awful choice of captain.

Perhaps his own memory isn’t serving him too well but Gallas was once the Arsenal captain, did a bad job and was subsequently stripped of the role. He is a man who often criticises his team mates as his attack on fellow Arsenal players was the last straw for Arsene Wenger in terms of his captain’s armband. Now he is criticising Domenech, who was probably mostly to blame, but the players didn’t show any passion, hear, desire and seemingly had no will to win whatsoever.

Many of France’s fans will be delighted that Domenech has now been replaced by Laurent Blanc, but perhaps they would be even happier if their squad was shed of its petulant has-beens like Gallas too.

There was a definite split in the French camp and cliques were formed, it cannot all have been the fault of the coach and in my opinion it is wrong for the likes of Gallas to suggest that is the case, especially as the players seem to use Domenech as a scapegoat for the criticisms aimed at them.

Is William Gallas justified to make an attack on someone else’s ego, or is he the biggest hypocrite around?

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