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With friends like these…Wenger certainly doesn’t need enemies

Football FanCast guest
Paul Lipton cannot
understand why the Arsenal board didn't contest the PL quota, even though they
admitted that they were against it.

You may have loved or
loathed David Dein, but there are times when you were glad to have him at the
football club, because at least the guys had some balls on him and prepared to
fight for what is right and protected the very fabric of our football club.

I have always
felt that Dein has been a great loss, not only to Arsenal, but football in
general and you really sense that if there were a few more of him around the
game then the Premier League would be in a better position to challenge FIFA
and UEFA and their continual interference. Dein was a doer and had a bit of
dynamism and ambition about him, probably why the current board felt the need for a parting of the ways.

The reason for my rant has much to do with Peter Hill-Wood's statement with regards to the quotas:
"Arsenal voted for it, but we are against it. We are opposed to restrictions
of any sort on young players, as we are not quite sure who these restrictions
would help,

"We voted in favour of the quotas because it appeared that is what
the majority of the clubs wanted and we went along with it. We feel that we
should support the majority, rather than rebel against them."


Am I hearing
right that the club didn't want to complain about it for the fear of being seen
as anarchists and going against the very people (the Premier League's lesser
likes) who's only intention is to try and take away the power from the bigger
clubs by restricting our potential and resources. What chance has the likes of
Wenger got, when his board roll over like that? At least with Dein at the club
he would have been prepared to fight it to the death, it isn't as if he
wouldn't have got backing by the other power clubs in the Premier League.

You have to feel
for Wenger, who has already come out and said that this whole new ruling is
going to potentially damage Arsenal, in terms of shortening the pool of young
players he can choose from and yet he finds out that his employers actually
helped along the process and weren't prepared to fight it, for the fear of
offending. A complete an utter joke and no wonder we have gone backwards since
Dein left the club.

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Article title: With friends like these…Wenger certainly doesn’t need enemies

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