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With friends like these Rafa certainly don’t need enemies

FanCast guest columnist
understand why the media and some supporters are so quick to discredit Rafa and
this Liverpool team.

If watching Liverpool capitulate in Florence on
Tuesday wasn't bad enough then reading the reaction to it from supporters and
pundits was extremely disappointing to say the least – it appears Rafa and his
team forever have some sort of noose permanent around their necks and every
given defeat they are only too willing to start kicking at the stall from under

The performance in Italy was bad, nobody will ever
question that and Rafa came out and slaughtered the team for it. Aurelio in
particular claimed just as much and they got the dressing down of their lives,
but we are not the first team to suffer a bad result and providing we learn our
lessons from it, then we should all move on, accept it however it appears some
would rather dwell on it and point the finger at the football club, knock it
for whatever reason and start suggesting the end is nigh for our season.

I get perplexed when I see criticisms of Liverpool.
I mean maybe I am seeing some different league table, but the last time I
looked we are three points off the top, losing to Fiorentina isn't going to
jeopardise our Champions League campaign and our reserves did a job against
Leeds to ensure our progress in the Carling Cup – hardly a time to be slitting
our wrists and writing us off now is it.

I don't know about anyone else but I just find it
extremely tiresome, when the media and some
supporters only agenda is to knock Liverpool and attempt to make mountains out
of molehills in order to discredit the club and the manager in general. You may
love or loathe Rafa Benitez and the decisions he makes, whether it be in terms
of selection or transfer policy, but every season he has been at the football
club it has always improved pure and simple, therefore criticising him is not
only ridiculous but shows a certain amount of ignorance on their part. I feel
sorry for the man and it appears he is in a no-win situation here and every bad
result or performance is going to draw scorn from the very same people, who are
only happy to praise and shower superlatives when things are going right. It is
time for a little middle ground to be found here, although I believe there will
be little chance of that.

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Article title: With friends like these Rafa certainly don’t need enemies

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