World Cup For Sale?

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I made an interesting observation about the World Cup Trophy, the Jules Rimet today about how much its worth based on the current gold and we are interested to make FIFA an offer for the trophy.

The trophy was commissioned by FIFA for the 1974 World Cup. The trophy stands 36.5 centimetres (14.4 inches) tall and is made of 5 kg (11 lb) of 18 carat (75%) solid gold. It was first presented at the 1974 FIFA World Cup, to West German captain Franz Beckenbauer.

Based on the gold value today of £830 per ounce ( , the trophy is therefore 176 ounces of 18 karat gold so would be worth on the open market approximately £110,000 ! In 1974 when the trophy was commissioned gold was approximately £120 per ounce which would have valued it then at £16,000 so it’s obviously increased hugely in value!

PartyCash4Gold (headed by the former commercial director of the Premier League) would of course be interested to make a suitable offer to FIFA based on this valuation!