Yak Attack!

After smashing their club record in order to secure his services; Yakubu was unceremoniously dropped at Villa Park on Sunday.

It is clear David Moyes after only three games will not tolerate the half hearted performances given by Yakubu and has ordered the big Nigerian to pull his finger out if he wants to be a part of his starting line up.

“We are a hard-working team, and we need all of our players to do a very committed and totally honest job when they are out there.”

“We also ask them to do not only their own job, but to help other people out as well.”

“I’m sure Yak will fend to that. He seems a great lad.”

You can understand Moyes’ anxiety at this moment after a solid start, three defeats in the last 4 games has clearly shot confidence and with Andrew Johnson continually misfiring in front of goal; he clearly needs everyone pulling together on the pitch. Record signing or not, nobody is dispensable in Moyes’ eyes and its now time for Yakubu to start pulling his weight.