Liverpool have been stuck in Premier League Purgatory and Klopp’s their way out

Klopp’s comments after Liverpool’s win against West Brom last weekend suggest the German boss plans on hanging around for some time. Having Klopp stay at Liverpool for the next few seasons is the Reds’ best option to finally return to Premier League glory.

In Klopp’s second season with the club, Liverpool appear to be going to end with another trophy-less campaign. However, the future does looks bright for the club as they try and secure a top four finish and a Champions League berth.

Klopp’s comments show that he understands that he will need to win silverware in order to stick around but also that he understands that returning Liverpool to greatness is very much a longterm project.

Though the club looked like real title contenders at the beginning of the season , a January slump dashed any hope of that and the last time Liverpool collected silverware was all the way back in the 2012 Football League Cup.

Liverpool have been stuck in Premier League purgatory for some time now. They’re good enough to tease the Anfield faithful with the promise of competing for titles but always just managing to fall short.

In today’s world of football, fans are accustomed to becoming title contenders overnight with clubs shelling out huge sums for money world class players in the hope that the identity of the team will change with the arrival of big names. But spending a lot of money doesn’t necessarily guarantee results.

Look no further than Manchester United this season, who spent more than anyone else last summer with the additions of Paul Pogba, Eric Bailly and Henrikh Mkhitaryan costing around £180m, yet they’ve seemingly struggled mount a serious top four challenge, let alone a return to challenging for the title.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither are Premier League winning football clubs. The road to title glory can be long and arduous, but Klopp seems prepared for the challenge.

Liverpool need a manager that is in it for the long term, who can put a system in place and get the most out of his side.

When Klopp comes to a club he makes a commitment, both of Klopp’s tenures at Mainz and Borussia Dortmund lasted seven seasons and the German boss is also under contract until 2022 at Anfield.

To put things frankly, the German is not going to have an easy task of returning Liverpool to the top of the Premier League. Liverpool haven’t had a winning pedigree since Steven Gerrard was in his prime and even then the club couldn’t win the league.

For Liverpool to succeed, their best chance is to stay the course and allow Klopp to build the club in a way he deems fit.

The signings Klopp made ast summer are already paying major dividends. Sadio Mane was arguably Liverpool’s best player this season before his injury. The additions of Joel Matip and Georginio Wijnaldum have also each been solid additions.

So if Liverpool can learn from their shortcomings this season and with some strong signings this summer, the return to the top of the Premier League may be sooner than people believe.

To change the identity and culture of a club it takes time and a man with a plan, and Klopp is the man to do it.