Watch: Are Liverpool “doing a Newcastle?”

Could Newcastle’s Premier League campaign of 1995/96 offer a stark warning from history to Jurgen Klopp and his Liverpool players?

Kevin Keegan’s Magpies went toe-to-toe with Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United that season, even topping the table by as much as 12 points in January before their title challenge, much like Liverpool’s this season, started to collapse in February.

A 1-0 home defeat to their title rivals, courtesy of an Eric Cantona strike, knocked the wind out of Newcastle’s sails that season and the same seems to have happened to Liverpool this year following a 2-1 defeat to the blue half of Manchester on 3rd January.

Ominously, what followed for Newcastle after that result was a horrendous run of form that saw the gap at the top get shorter and shorter, culminating in that Kevin Keegan rant and a third Premier League crown for United.

The Magpie Channel’s Matt takes a look at the parallels between the two title races in the video above for Pl>ymaker FC.