Podcast Hosting & Publishing

The Power To Control Your Podcast

Once you have created your media, use the FootballFanCast.com Publisher to post it. The Podcast experts have developed an easy to use intuitive system taking care of all the things that can make posting a hassle.

  • Standard Blogging Features – When we sat down and began building the Publisher we wanted to make sure we combined all the good things from a blogging application with all the important things for a podcast. The publisher is a match made in heaven.
  • WYSIWYG Editing – The what you see is what you get editor now makes creating your show notes as easy as editing in your favourite word processing app.
  • Standard iTunes Feed – The Publisher makes sure all the necessary fields are included so that your iTunes feed is complete.
  • Cross post to your blog – Stop kidding yourself. Your blogs interface is not built for podcasting. The FootballFanCast.com Publisher will cross post anything you want right to your blog.
  • Scheduler – Your going on vacation yet you have a show that needs to get posted that Saturday? Use the Publisher to create your posts beforehand and pick the day and time you want it to go live. Our system will take care of the rest so you can enjoy your cocktails on the beach.


  • Twitter – Along with your blog, the FootballFanCast.com Publisher can be set up to send a “tweet” to your twitter account. This notifies your followers that a new episode has been posted along with a link to the post.
  • It’s Free! – We are a generous bunch here at FootballFanCast.com who happen to be podcasters and well… we want to make sure you have the tools necessary to grow your podcast.

What are you waiting for? To apply to be part of the Football FanCast Podcast network contact us on email[at]footballfancast[dot]com

Still Not Enough?

Podcast Publishing Premium

Have a Blog? Want to use a superior streamlined publishing system? Publish your show in minutes and let us handle the logistics, file naming, id3 tag writing and scheduled publishing. Let us Power your Podcast Publishing today.

Powerful Features

We provide a number of tools that helps you distribute your content in the most efficient manner. Did we also mention that our tools will save you time too? Take a look at some of the Powerful tools we provide.

  • Feature Rich Blogging Platform
  • Podcast Release Scheduler (schedule episodes into the future)
  • RSS 2.0 Feed (iTunes compatible)
  • Web Based Media Uploader with Upload Progress Bar
  • Rich Text Blog/Podcast post editor
  • Full Blog API (Supports WordPress 2.5+)
  • Post to Twitter
  • Ping Weblogs (e.g. Google Blog Search, Technorati)
  • Media Artwork Management
  • ID3 Tagging (writes information such as episode title to media files)
  • Media File Naming (Portable Media Player Optimized)
  • Blog Post Image Management
  • Podcast Statistics Premium (price on application)

Podcast Publishing Premium is truly a complete podcast content management system.



Easy Media Uploader 


Your Content Does Not End With Us

Our publishing system helps you by adding Powerful tools to your tool belt. It’s certainly not the complete solution for everyone and we built Podcast Publishing Premium with that in mind.

Already have a media hosting provider or your own web hosting account? The Podcast Publisher Premium is perfect for you! Just add your FTP information and we’ll upload all your media to your account. Remember, our system will still write all those complicated ID3 tags and artwork to your mp3s, saving you precious time to focus on your content.

Want to use your own WordPress to host your podcast? No problem, we’ve implemented the latest MetaWebLog API methods supported by WordPress and many other web applications so you can cross post your content.

Measure Your Success

Apply for our Stats package and receive unsurpassed insights into audience consumption, who is linking to you, listener base demographic and geographical data with worldwide mapping. For convenience, also receive daily email summaries or download PDF reports.

What are you waiting for? To apply to be part of the Football FanCast Podcast network contact us on email[at]footballfancast[dot]com