Football FanCast’s Podcast Network

  • Valuable Tools – reach a bigger audience, improve SEO

  • Building your audience – publish automatically to i-tunes, twitter, google, delicious, digg etc

  • Earn Money

Valuable Tools

The team behind knows a thing or two about what kinds of tools podcasters need to build their shows. That’s because we’re podcasters too and we work with some of the best across the world. So we and our partners are always working hard on innovative features that will make the difference for you. Some of the features already in production are:

  • Media Statistics You Can Trust – We have worked hard with the experts to create a podcast media statistics system that is easy to use, flexible and accurate. members get the benefit of a statistics system they can count on to help measure audience size for every podcast episode. Please email us if you are interested in this service. email [at] footballfancast [dot] com. Learn More
  • Podcast Hosting and Publishing – Podcast Publishing with Hosting is a complete and integrated solution that combines Podcast Statistics Premium, media hosting, advanced promotion tools and avenues to grow and support your show. You focus on the media creation and we will take care of the rest. Let us Power your Podcast Publishing and Hosting today. Learn More

  • The Podcast Player – Users on the community can play your podcast feed in a popup window that displays your feed image, show notes and supports audio or video. And we provide you the code to embed a link to the player on any web page.
  • Get Connected – Listeners have the opportunity to leave comments and sign the guest book, so you get continuous feedback!
  • Proactive Marketing – We spend a good amount of time promoting the community.

Also circulating press releases and attending important podcast, football/sports & media events. All of our hard work adds up to a larger potential audience for your podcast. Our Support team are constantly working on new features and we want to hear about the tools that you need to help build your shows. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your suggestions.

Building Your Audience

We’ve been working hard to create an environment where podcasters have a real opportunity to grow their audiences. We do this via a combination of features that are only found in the community as follows:

  • We make it very easy for potential subscribers to find, subscribe to and share your podcast with others via our MyCast and Hot List features.
  • We allow you to enter unique tags for your channel and each episode so that users performing relevant searches can find your podcast.
  • We allow you to represent your brand by adding a channel image and a header image to each profile page.
  • We always provide links to your original podcast home page and RSS feed.

You can rest assured that your presence on allows you to maintain your brand identity while your audience grows. And we don’t believe that locking your podcast in our system will help your brand grow.

Earn Money

The community offers podcasters a chance to earn money from their podcasts via advertising deals. If you’ve worked hard to build your audience then you just might qualify for participation in one of our ad deals. To apply contact us at email [at] footballfancast [dot] com.

Some important facts about ad deals are as follows:

  • We can’t guarantee you’ll be offered a deal. That decision is completely up to the advertisers.
  • We have the right to negotiate one deal for you but you also have the right to reject the deal.
  • You get to keep 70% of the revenue from the deal. Compare that split with other podcast sponsorship offers (occasionally deals may vary).
  • Ad deals may include a mention in your podcast and an image link on your website.
  • There are no auto insertions. You retain the flexibility to mention the sponsor in your voice in each podcast.
  • We can provide pre-recorded sponsor announcements if you don’t feel comfortable delivering the message

It’s important to note that if you have existing relationships with advertisers that you can still benefit from the advertising program. If you introduce us to an advertiser who ultimately goes forward with an ad deal on the community you will be paid a 10% finders fee just for making the introduction.

Ultimate Flexibility

We take pride in the fact that the community offers podcasters great flexibility of participation in ourcommunity. Take a look at some of our very liberal policies that are all about choice for the podcaster:

  • You retain the rights to your show.
  • You can be a part of other networks.
  • You can negotiate outside advertising deals.
  • You can add multiple podcast shows to the community.

All we ask in return is that you mention the community somewhere in each of your podcast shows.

So what are you waiting for? Join the network and add your podcast today! Or Email us at email[at]footballfancast[dot]com