Arguably The ‘Premier League XI’ of the season so far

Every season football fans purr at the thought of forming a metaphorical starting eleven based on their scintillating form and key attributes which have been demonstrated in the current or recent campaign. Whilst most teams are constructed at the end of the season, we thought we would jump ahead of the queue and give you the eleven names that deserve a place in the Premier League’s best XI so far this competitive season.

In yet another exciting edition of the Premier League, we have seen a glut of goals, raiding full backs and passers that could rival Xavi. In what is still deemed by many as the best league in the world, with many internationals and young talents fulfilling us with both joy and despair each weekend, it was hard to select an exact eleven. Nonetheless, the following stars were selected for their contributions three quarters of the way through the current campaign. See if you agree. Here we go.

Click on Vincent Kompany to unveil the Premier League XI of the season so far



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