Arguably The Top 20 ‘Worst’ Premier League Shirts of All Time

It is part of the makeup of every football fans DNA. Indeed, going out to purchase the new seasons colours and new kit is a summer ritual which has stemmed back the long twenty years the Premier League has been around as we know it. Whether young or old, to wear the colours truly signifies a fans connection to their beloved brethren and replica shirts indeed represent a large source of income for the teams and clubs we idolise.

But as with anything, there is a much darker side to football fashion; a much uglier and aesthetically displeasing side. We thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane and select the twenty worst Premier League football shirts in history. For the jerseys you are about to see, if you bought one, shame on you! To walk down the high street in one of these not only would have taken guts but also a worryingly blind faith within consumerism.

As we fast approach the 20th anniversary of the Premier League we have decided to look back at the 20 worst football kits of this time.

Click on this Wolves monstrosity to see the top 20 worst Premier League kits of all time


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