Arrogant, Abrasive, Intolerable: Is there a manager disliked more than this FA Cup final gaffer?

Alan Pardew and Louis van Gaal are hardly popular fellows in the UK. However its Pardew that we are going to look at here. The Crystal Palace boss has, even before kick-off, taken an absolute battering from the Twittersphere. From his headbutting of players to his smarmy photos with cheerleaders, Pardew is a figure of fun.

The question is, will people finally lose it with him for good if he wins the cup?

Just look at that cute little smile, the hate is real, mind!

Obviously we can’t show the full colourful nature of the Pardew hatred, but we’re sure you know where to look.

For some people, however, you just wonder what he doesn’t hate. Does he actually like football? Seems pretty unlikely.

Others despise the man so much they’re actually unable to use logic anymore…

We did tell you that BOTH of these managers are pretty unpopular. Pardew is doing damn well to really out-do Louis van Gaal in the hate-stakes.