Arsenal and Chelsea fans poke fun at ref

Chelsea’s remarkable 6-0 triumph over Arsenal and the implications the result has upon the Premier League title race has largely been overshadowed by Andre Marriner’s horrendous error.

The referee issued an apology which revealed he was “disappointed that he failed to identify the correct player.”

Having escaped from the debacle without sanction and selected to officiate the fixture between Southampton and Newcastle United on Saturday, Marriner will be hoping to move on from his nightmare mistake.

However, the popularity of suggests that this is an issue which may rumble on a little longer yet.

Football fans jumped to social media to offer their own interpretations of events.

Such has been the level of exposure that Specsavers have gained from the incident that they actually tweeted a thank you!

The announcement that Marriner would be refereeing Southampton versus Newcastle has drawn more than a few concerns from fans and journalists.

Some were far too quick to assume that Marriner’s mistake was a product of racism. This led some football fans to speculate about the referee’s knowledge of film and history.

It is unlikely that the FA’s decision to not punish Marriner will end the debate over the matter. All the referee can do is hope for a quiet game on Saturday and maybe then he can start rebuilding his shattered reputation.