Arsenal and Chelsea managers clash on the sidelines

There are always things you never expect to see: pigs flying, a man with three legs and Arsene Wenger pushing Jose Mourinho in the face.

Well, now we are just waiting for bacon with wings and a bloke with a trio of legs, after Arsenal’s manager Wenger shoved Chelsea’s gaffer Jose Mourinho not once but twice.

The relationship between the two men in the dugout has always been tense but, usually, it has been the Portuguese man provoking the Frenchman. However, that all changed, today.

After a poor challenge from Gary Cahill on Alexis Sanchez, Wenger took particularly umbrage with the force that the Englishman came in with and went toe-to-toe with Jose Mourinho on the sidelines.

Not long after that, Eden Hazard slotted home from the penalty spot to give Chelsea the lead which means Jose may well have the last laugh.