Arsenal man continues to prove his worth with double salvo

Olivier Giroud has been a figure of mockery for many football fans since his arrival at Arsenal, but the slick-haired Frenchman continues to prove doubters wrong with another (potentially) crucial goal.
Giroud has even developed his own trademarked goal scoring angle at the near post. He might be mocked for a lack of pace, or missing the occasional sitter, but Wenger’s main man up front continues to provide for his side when the Gunners need it most.

Some fans are decidedly unsure about the big striker..

But his brace tonight should be enough to give Arsenal fans a bit more faith that Olivier Giroud is of a standard to carry Arsenal to the ‘next level’.

Its not like every fan is against you, Olivier.

Maybe a few more performances like this and the cruel world of Arsenal twitter will begin to be a bit kinder about the big man.

Would like to echo your feelings there, Nour.