12 Arsenal Players to Watch at the World Cup

With a total of 12 players making the cut to the 23 man list each national team has produced, Arsenal have the 5th largest contingent of players in Brazil. It is only topped by FC Barcelona (16), Chelsea (15), Manchester United (14), Real Madrid (13) and tied with Juventus (12).

All lines of the Arsenal team will be tested in the competition. Aside from their goalkeeper, of which Szczesny’s Poland did not qualify, Arsenal will have representatives on all positions of the pitch.


Arsenal forwards will be spearheading the attacks of several national teams. From Lukas Podolski for the Nationalmanshaft to Giroud for France, as well as Joel Cambell and Park Chu-Young.

Though not favourites to finish top goal-scorer, Giroud and Podolski both being quoted at 80/1 to finish with most goals in the tournament and Park and Cambell both at 250/1, their performance will be watched closely by Wenger and bettors alike. Odds provided by Bet365 whose referrer promotion will allow players to place risk-free their bets on the top scorer of the competition.

Campbell has already kicked off festivities, scoring his team’s first goal and paving the way for Costa Rica’s surprise success against Uruguay.


Ozil will have the task to maintain his status in the German side after a difficult first season with the Gunners. He remains nonetheless in the starting eleven for the German side and will be counted on by Löw in Germany’s quest for the title.

Cazorla, though not a first choice for Del Bosque, may still earn some playing time in the wake of the catastrophic defeat of Spain against The Netherlands. As for Wilshere and Oxlade-Chamberlain, their pace makes them both valued substitution options for Hodgson’s side.


The back fours of France, Germany and Belgium will all have representatives from the Gunners. With Sagna, Mertesacker and Vermaelen solidly fixed in the starting squad, their teams’ successes will also depend on their defensive solidity as the tournament has revealed clumsiness and lack of pace at the back.

Success on both fronts?

Interestingly, though Arsenal has had a traditionally important number of French players, the German team will be playing with an Arsenal player on every line.

Much of Germany’s triumph in the World Cup, as for Arsenal’s success next season, will depend on Ozil’s ability to renew his game and confirmation of Podolski’s and Mertesacker’s importance in the team.