A sentimental approach could hold Arsenal back

There was once a time when Arsene Wenger could do no wrong in the Arsenal dug-out. His team were previously considered one of the strongest all-round units the modern English game has ever had the pleasure of paying witness to, and with the likes of Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira and Dennis Bergkamp all producing the goods for the experienced Frenchman on a week-to-week basis, life in the Premier League certainly proved smooth sailing for the current Gunners boss.

That particularly rosy period in Arsenal’s recent history nonetheless takes on less significance now however, when viewed from the perspective of the current Emirates faithful. Wenger’s side have thrown the title away in rather predictable style once again this season, and could even witness Tottenham Hotspur achieve a first league triumph in decades as a result of their domestic shortcomings.

So then, as Wenger is reportedly on the verge of signing yet another long-term deal in the north of the capital, should the Gunners really stick with their current manager for the foreseeable future, or has the famous French tactician finally come to the end of the road with Arsenal?

Well, even though the 66-year-old coach will seemingly always remain a true Gunners legend, the former AS Monaco boss has arguably blown his best chance in years of landing that all-important Premier League top-spot, which must have major consequences when all is said and done this summer.

If Arsenal still lack the mental strength and adequate winning mentality to grind out the results in 2015/16, then perhaps it’s time the often elusive Emirates hierarchy finally bring about some much needed change at their club.

Wenger has possibly lost his once formidable touch within the transfer market these days after all. His big-money signings have certainly blown hot and cold, and as the present Gunners faithful remain more divided now then they’ve been in a long, long time, Arsenal seem to lack a great deal of direction under their current main man.

All good things simply have to come to an end at some stage. Although most Gunners fans would understandably love to witness Wenger land one last league title before finally calling it a day at the Emirates – which isn’t yet mathematically impossible this season – such a romanticised view on the situation could arguably serve to damage Arsenal’s upcoming title prospects.

In the eyes of many non-Gunners fans, Arsenal have developed into little more than technically gifted ‘bottlers’ over the last few seasons. Leicester City have shown far more grit and determination than Wenger’s star-studded outfit have in quite some time, so perhaps the current Gunners manager must take the lion’s share of the blame with everything fairly taken into account.

Whilst Arsenal will always remain rather easy on the eye under the management style of their experienced French tactician, they will also most likely continue to portray themselves as somewhat unreliable. The veteran manager therefore remains a distinct Premier League legend – both among the confines of the Gunners faithful at home, as well as within the wider English footballing community in general – but do his past exploits really warrant another long-term deal at the Emirates right in the here and now? Certainly not…