An important phrase for Arsene Wenger to learn

Arsene Wenger water slideThere’s nothing more fun than going down a water-slide, as Wenger shows us here, apart from perhaps managing a team that is at the top of the Premier League and Champions league and going down a waterslide. Yet, despite Arsenal having their best start to the season in many years there are still many doubters in the midst, debating whether Wenger is actually doing the best he can for the Gunners.

So far this season, Arsenal have only had one loss and one draw and enjoyed a ten-game winning streak – pretty impressive statistics. Newcomer Mesut Ozil seems to have been a welcome breath of fresh air to the team, making them the pacemakers of the league, and also making it very easy for Wenger to sit back and relax. Ozil is not alone though in his quest to make life that little bit easier for the Arsenal manager, with Jack Wilshere still trying to prove himself and along with Aaron Ramsey and Olivier Giroud making a pretty impressive team – things seem to be looking bright for the foreseeable future.

To be honest, the worst thing that could have happened in the last few weeks is that he ‘perdi minha sunga quando escorreguei no toboágua’. (I lost my trunks on the way down that waterslide!)

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